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Fifa 18 El Tornado Tutorial – Controls For Ps4XB1pc How To Perform El Tornado Skill Move In Fut

FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial – Controls For PS4/Xbox One/PC: How To Perform El Tornado Skill Move In FUT?

TAG: FIFA 18 Tutorial 9/29/2017 2:25:30 PM

From the game, to the field, to the whole world, look at FIFA 18's cover star Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli and James Harden get tested with the latest 5-star skill move of the world's most beautiful game - El Tornado! In FIFAAH.COM's FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial, we show the controls and tips to perform this new 5-star skill move successfully!

What's FIFA 18 El Tornado Skill Move?

One day before the official launch of FIFA 18, EA Sports release the latest FIFA 18 Launch Commercial | More Than a Game. With a new skill move as protagonist, El Tornado, the play is born as something social and ends up being made by Cristiano Ronaldo himself and to Antoine Griezmann and James Harden of the NBA. The new FIFA 18 El Tornado skill move, also called spin and flick over, allows for the player to uniquely flick the ball up and is extremely limited in who can perform it. The 5-star skill move is more of a show-off skill move rather than a very useful skill move in a one-on-one situation, and which, if well executed, may well turn your opponent's head.

Which players can perform the FIFA 18 El Tornado skill move?

With a player database of over 2,000 players, the only players capable of performing this skill are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Dele Alli, Antoine Griezmann, and also, Roberto Carlos. They are the only 4 El Tornado certified players in FIFA 18!


FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial

FIFA 18 El Tornado Controls

Xbox One/Xbox 360: Hold LB, Flick RS Up then Left OR Hold LB, Flick RS Up then Right

PS4/PS3: Hold L1, Flick RS Up the Left OR Hold L1, Flick RS Up the Right

FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial – Controls For PS4, Xbox One, PC

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