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Fifa16 Ultimate Team Mode Formation Guide And Recommend

3/18/2016 11:50:59 AM

fifa 16 ultimate team formation guidelines and recommended is aimed at the novice and some players want to improve. we will try to analyze especially for fifa ut mode formation in every respect. well, then let's get started.

422 formation is our first recommendation, the formation with double cdm double st one lm one rm, one midfielder is responsible of attacking, one is in charge of offensive, six players for attacking, two-st can be responsible of cooperation in the area; when doing defense, bilateral internal security income, with a pocket formed cm adduction, can attack and defend.

after just play online in fifa 16 ut to d6, d5, some problems will appear with the 442 formation, the main problem lies in the midfield interception capability, resilience and ability spoiler is not strong enough, the power of the formation with tow cm is not bad, but compared to 433 for the middle of the offensive and defensive is a bit poor. 

when playing 433 formation, in defense, not just 3 cms in defense, two wingers will be back on defense, so in fact there are five people in the middle of defense, in general it is strong in visible and thickness. and compared with 442, once the goalkeeper take the ball, he can more easily throw the ball to cm or lw and rw to do quickly counterattack. the effect is very good.

of course there are a lot of other formations to choose in the game, here we recommend two mainstream formation in fifa 16 ut. one is 433-2 / 433-4, the difference is the cam or cdm; the other one is 4-1-2-1-2 with 1 cdm, 2 cm, 1 cam, 2 st. these both are very good formation. in the 41212 information, you can play the midfielders to the extreme, players totally get together in the middle to only play with high-handed physical confrontation and straight looking for opportunities. 

in the transition from 442 to 433, you can complete a transition of concept from single striker to double-striker. we all know, in today's football play 1 striker in a formation is more popular. real madrid, barcelona, chelsea are like this. in the beginning you may be very accustomed to this style of play, and feel no way to play a football game without 2 strikers. but after you are familiar with the 433 formation, you can find after a single st can play a greater role. the reason is that, one st in the restricted area, will get more free position than two strikers in the penalty area. one striker face against 4 center backs, you will find more free position and crannies easily between each cb, your striker moves will be more clear. yes, as long as you think of ways to pass the ball to your striker, or even sometimes he is just a pretext, other players in your team plug is the real opportunity. overall, one striker is a liberation from 2 strikers, get more space activities.

but this does not mean that kind of formations are much better, we summarize these as our personal experiences. everyone is not the same in football philosophy, like some friends like controlling ball, and some must shoot within 5 feet. these are need to combine your own favorite to play the game. anyway no matter which formation you would like to use, you must to consider which players you should set on each position to make your team strong. for players, only fifa coins can save you and all fans of fifa 16. 

please have more faith on ea sports fifa, the game allows you to play what you want in football, some players complain about the shortcomings of fifa 16, we want to say that after all the game is not entirely true, you can not expect it to do exactly the same full and reality; we need to see its progress and advantages, inclusive of those unreasonable, fifa 17 can be expect to do more perfect.

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