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FIFA 21 Best 41212 Tactic & Instructions - How To Play 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Formation Effectively

10/19/2020 10:33:11 AM

How to play 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation in FIFA 21 effectively? In this guide, we talk about the best 41212 (2) tactics and instructions you should use, also cover the tips and suggestions for choosing the right players for each position.

FIFA 21 41212 Formation Guide - Best Tactics & Instructions To Use

It’s our Best FIFA 21 Formation guide again, today we are going through the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation offering many passing options in midfield which is suit to the players who like possession play. 41212 Narrow as one of the old FIFA favourites is still strong in FIFA 21, with 4 midfielders in the central third of the pitch, this is a good way of controlling the game and dominating possession. Make sure those two wider central midfielders are strong defensively and have a decent work rate because they sometimes need to drift wide to pick up wingers. For making your 41212 teams more powerful, a wise custom tactic and player instructions you should set. 

FIFA 21 41212 Best Tactic

With the right custom tactic and instructions, you will be bringing a lot of players upfront and you also be defending with enough players, but especially in attack, the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow is a monster of the overpowered formation. 

Defence Tactic

  • Defensive Style: Balanced

  • Width: 5

  • Depth: 5

Offense Tactic

  • Offensive Style: Balanced

  • Width: 6

  • Players In Box: 5

  • Corners: 3

  • Free Kicks: 3

FIFA 21 41212 Best Player Instructions

Full Back Instructions

  • Attacking Runs - Balanced Attack (Default)

  • Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

  • Run Type - Mixed Attack (Default)

Defensive Mid (CDM) Instructions

  • Defensive Behaviour - Balanced Defence (Default)

  • Attacking Support - Stay Back While Attacking

  • Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

  • Defensive Position - Cover Wing (Default)

Attacking Mid. Instructions

  • Defensive Support - Stay Forward

  • Support On Crosses - Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)

  • Positioning Freedom - Stick To Position (Default)

  • Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

Central Mid. Instructions

  • Attacking Support - Balanced Attack (Default)

  • Support On Crosses - Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)

  • Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

  • Positioning Freedom - Stick To Position (Default)

  • Defensive Position - Covering Wing (Default)

Striker Instructions

  • Support Runs - Balanced Width (Default)

  • Attacking Runs - Mixed Attack (Default)

  • Interceptions - Normal Interceptions (Default)

  • Defensive Support - Basic Defence Support (Default)

Tips For Playing Choosing - Player Requirements

Full-Back requirements:

  • Min 90+ pace (after chem style)

  • 80+ short, long passing and crossing (after chem style)

  • 88+ defending (after chem style)

  • Bonus 80+ dribbling and 85+ stamina 

Defensive-Mid Requirements:

  • 77-85 pace (after chem style)

  • 80+ short passing and 85+ stamina 

  • 90+ defending (after chem style)

  • Bonus 80+ dribbling with medium/high work rates 

Striker Requirements:

  • Min 83- pace (after chem style)

  • 90+ polishing/finishing/shot power (after chem style)

  • 85+ dribbling/80+ stamina

  • Min 4 weak foot

This is balanced on that you will be using. At the beginning of the game when you start playing, the 41212 narrow is not a formation voice that you can use at its maximum when you want to defend at the end of the game. If you need any cheap FIFA 21 Coins for building up your team, welcome to FIFAAH.COM.

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