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FIFA 21 All New Skill Moves - Agile Dribbling, Directional Mutmegs, Ball Roll Fake Turn And More

10/12/2020 2:43:06 PM

If you want to take your game to a new level, you must master the overpowered skill of FIFA 21. Below, you'll find tips for mastering the new unstoppable skills moves and the most advanced FIFA 21 skill moves like Agile Dribbling, Directional Mutmegs, Ball Roll Fake Turn,  Bridge Dribble, Fiend Forward And Turn as well as button combinations for PS4 and Xbox One. Buy Fut 21 Coins at fifaah with cheap price, best service and instant delivery.

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Agile Dribbling (1 Star Skill Move FIFA 21)

This is an overpowered Agile Dribbling FIFA 21 new skill move.  The use of the skill move will increase the responsiveness of the player dribbling the ball. When you press the RB R1 button, your player enters the agile dribble mode which he will become a dribbling god. They will start taking more touches on the ball. This looks unrealistic at times but the effectiveness of the skill move is unmatchable to anything in the game right now. You can potentially take out any defenders if the timing is correct. Even though it is quite overpowered and easy to use. It's not a free goal button and still requires some skill to master. Make sure you stop doing it when your job is done and move ahead with your attacks normally and do not get focused on doing the agile dribble.

Directional Mutmegs (1 Star Skill Move FIFA 21)

Intentional nutmegs are finally a part of the FIFA franchise nowadays. You can even use the goalkeeper to perform the directional nutmeg. Press the L1 R1, LB RB button or The controls are essentially the same as the bridge skill move and the only difference is the timing and the situation you are using it in. The best place to use the directional nutmeg is generally all over the pitch. Nutmeg the most filthy move in football and can be potentially used everywhere. FIFA 21 Directional Mutmegs skill move generally works best when you surprise your openings with it and since it's very hard to defend against when the distance between you and the defender is very low.

Ball Roll Fake Turn (4 Star Skill Move FIFA 21)

The FIFA 21 new ball rolls fake turn skill move that has been added in the game and it is very easy to perform. The skill move is really helpful when you want to turn around completely face in a different direction. The ball roll fake turn is like when you perform a ball roll and then you perform a fake shot towards the back of the player.  There is a small difference when your player performs the skill move he turns his back towards the defender.  Therefore shielding the ball in the process and this skill move for fifa 21 is really effective when you're on the wings. Use the skill move like a cross turn and you should be good.   To perform this skill move you need to press the LT L2 button and then flick your right stick left or right.

Drag To Heal (4 Star Skill Move)

Cristiano Ronaldo performed this skill move when he was losing balance in the La Liga match back in 2018. This is a fast and useful FIFA skill move and it's extremely easy when you're changing direction. The drag to heal is essentially the new drag back but it's faster and better. The drag to heal skill move is effective all over the pitch and generally used when you have to turn your direction 90 degrees all of a sudden. To perform the skill move you need to hold the L1/LB button and then flick your right stick back and then right or left of the player.


Bridge Dribble (1 Star Skill Move FIFA 21)

Bridge Dribble FIFA21 skill move that has been in the game for so many years. But you could not perform it if you wanted to. The bridge skill move previously always happened automatically so you could not control it. Anybody on the pitch can do it and the skill move is a fan favorite in real life. It's generally used by many footballers who are very fast with their feet. The best place to do the skill move is when you are facing a goalkeeper 101 or when you need to get out of a situation in the midfield. To perform this skill move you need to press the R1 L1 button or the RB LB button when you are going forward with your left stick. Make sure to time the skill move correctly otherwise your player will struggle to meet the ball around the defender when you are facing them one-on-one.

Fiend Forward And Turn (2 Star Skill Move FIFA 21)

This skill move FIFA 21 is a very fast way to turn in the opposite direction instantly. Using the fiend forward and turn it's the best  FIFA 21 skill move when you want to exit out of an area where you don't like to be. For example, if you end up in an outnumbered situation, the skill move will help you exit out of the chaos completely. and think of something else again. The skill move is the best when you need to restart a move and approach the attack from a different direction.  Pretty much everyone can perform it on the pitch. All you need to do about this fiend forward and turn skill move is flick twice to the back.


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