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FIFA 18 PL POTM April Predictions and Investment Tips For FUT 18 Premier League POTM Of April SBC

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The last POTM of FUT 18 is coming to us soon! The vote for the English Premier League Player of the Month of April has begun! The winner will then receive, as usual, a special POTM card, with relative Squad Building Challenge in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Who is in with good chance of winning and involved to the FIFA 18 April POTM SBC? Pogba? Eriksen? And how to make good profit for investing this month’s PL POTM? In this guide, we will show you our predictions and investment tips for FIFA 18 PL POTM Of April!


FIFA 18 Premier League Player of the Month of April Candidates

This month's POTM is a bit unusual as it has potential to be even not from the Top-5 club. The champions who will compete for the scepter that was Mohamed Salah in the month of March are respectively Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang of Arsenal, Christian Eriksen of Tottenham, Paul Pogba of Manchester United, Jordan Pickford of Everton, Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace, Jake Livermore of West Bromwich and finally Raheem Sterling of Manchester City. If you want to express your preference you can do it here.

The winner will receive a special In Form POTM card in the non-exchangeable FIFA Ultimate Team that can be obtained, for a limited amount of time, through a special FIFA 18 April POTM SBC.

FIFA 18 PL April POTM Candidates With Rating Predictions:

FIFA 18 PL April POTM Predictions


FIFA 18 PL April POTM Predictions

Who do you think deserves to be the FIFA 18 April's Player Of The Month? Our Predictions will do 4 candidates with a high possibility to low. Here's how the FIFA 18 Premier League April POTM contenders performed:

FIFA 18 PL April POTM Predictions (2)

Wilfred Zaha (ST- Crystal Palace)

We do think Zaha deserves the final POTM way more than anyone else! Great goal against Bournemouth, singlehandedly beat Brighton in a huge game, destroyed Leicester yesterday in another huge game. Should have had something against Watford too if the ref weren't so incompetent. Shame Liverpool at home was March 31st, as that was another assist. This month, he's pretty much kept Palace up by himself.

Investing Tips

Goals scored: Brighton players, Leicester players and Bournemouth players.

Ivory Coast/England players (maybe because he switched his national identity?)

Manchester United players? Not sure about this one but since he was there briefly they may want to do an SBC around this and sellers remorse.

Obviously, Crystal Palace players. Do you think we will need IFs? Tomkins is around 15k at the moment. Tosun is 22K 84 rated etc so yeah.

Paul Pogba (CM - Manchester United)

Pogba contributed against city and arsenal and was important in three wins thus keeping united second. Pogba had the huge game vs City with 2 goals, scored vs arsenal, and assisted vs Bournemouth (stats are wrong, 3 goals 1 assist). FA cup game vs spurs doesn’t count, but could have an influence. More famous so more hype, might just go to Pogba for the big City game and him getting the stats from center mid.

Investing Tips

1 IF Pogba

High rated team of teams he’s scored against with some IF sprinkled in.

High rated team of where he’s played in the past (only Juve so maybe an 84 rated Serie A squad with 4 Juve players).

Raheem Sterling (RW - Manchester City)

Sterling could be on there. A really strong month from Englishman. Off the top of our head he has at least 2 goals and 4 assists. This means that Sterling has the most goal contributions.

Christian Eriksen (CAM - Tottenham)

Eriksen has a decent chance, 3 wins (including vs. Chelsea), 1 loss to City. 3 goals 2 assists in 5 games, goal contributions on par with the other top contenders. Has a chance in our book.

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