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Best FIFA 21 Formations (Offensive & Defensive Lineup) - Best Custom Tactics & Instructions For 4231, 442, 433, 352

10/7/2020 11:51:31 AM

Which are the most effective FIFA 21 formations to start your new season in Ultimate Team?  Here we help you get the best tactics and instructions to build up overpowered starter teams for 4222, 4231, 442 and more. 

FIFA 21 Formations - Best Custom Tactics & Instructions For Offensive & Defensive Lineups

No matter in real life or in football games, the formation also knows as the lineup is always the main tactics for winning matches. Teams in real life are constantly chopping and changing how they shape-up, but you will need to be more disciplined when taking to the field on FIFA 21, as tactics and instructions always matter much. Once you know the ins and outs of a formation, you will be aware of how you are most likely to score, and where you are most vulnerable in defense. From there on, you can adjust your tactics and instructions and take your ability on the game to new heights.

In FIFA 21, you will find 30 unique formations. Each formation has its own unique strength and weakness. Some positions are good for defending while some favor attack. What is the best formation or the best tactic in FIFA 20? Although it depends on your own playing style, there are always formations or tactics that turn out to be particularly effective. We would like to present our recommendations here, which can give you an advantage in every mode.

Top 5 Best FIFA 21 Formations

We tested a few formations and found two that were particularly effective. By the way, it doesn't matter in which mode you are active. Since there is little difference between offline and online gameplay, the best formations and tactics can be used anywhere.

FIFA 21 Best Defensive Formation - 4-2-3-1

  • The first formation that we would like to introduce to you in more detail is the 4-2-3-1. If you have problems defending, this formation will help you with a compact defense. For more ball control you can increase the width under "Defense" in the individual tactics (6 or 7 bars). To be more secure in the back, set the depth a little back to 3 or 4 bars.

  • You are well-positioned in the back with the 4-2-3-1 line-up and can cause a lot of danger with skillful switching play. When things go well, you always benefit from being outnumbered, whether offensive or defensive.

  • You can use the "Instructions" to assign special commands to individual players or positions. With this formation, you should instruct the two 6s (midfielders who are in the middle of the defense) to stay behind during attacks so that you don't tear a hole in your defense.

FIFA 21 Best Offensive Formation - 4-2-2-2

  • If you are behind once or your opponent is pushing the passes back and forth in your own ranks, then you should try the 4-2-2-2. In our opinion, this is the best formation for an offensive and powerful football. You are also not that prone to counterattacks, as you still have a stable back four.

  • As a defensive style, you should set the "pressing after losing the ball". This simplifies the build-up game immensely for you and provides constant pressure against the ball. When attacking, you should choose a quick build-up using individual tactics. This strengthens the playing style of this formation many times over.

  • Since the wing game in FIFA 20 is not necessarily rewarded and header goals have become very rare, you can instruct your full-backs to stay behind when attacking. In 4-2-2-2 you have enough offensive power in the front area of the field and thus you do not open yourself completely on the defensive.

FIFA 21 Diamond Offensive Formation - 4-1-2-1-2

  • The diamond is based on a classic chain of four and a six on the defensive. Offensive you can fall back on a tens, two strikers and two wingers. When in doubt, the wingers can come back quickly to provide defensive support.

  • The diamond is very good this year. explains the professional. The broad variant paid off especially in the beta. The many possibilities on the offensive open up many ways to put pressure on the opponent's goal. And that can be decisive: The offensive is very difficult this year. Lots of players are playing the bunker tactic right now. Developing opportunities is not easy. 

  • This formation is suitable for: Players who need a lot of opportunities on the offensive. You can move forward very quickly via the outside, the ten allows you to play through the middle. With two strikers, you also have good pass opportunities at the top. On the defensive, however, there can be bottlenecks in the event of a counter attack.

Best FIFA 21 Offensive Formation - 3-5-2

  • The 3-5-2 differs from the other formations in that it only has three real defenders. This means that the roles in the team are distributed a little differently.

  • The outside players in particular have to act in a dual role more than ever: If you're on the defensive, you can instruct the outside players to step up the defensive. Then you play a kind of five-man chain with two sixes in front. This makes you incredibly compact. In the game forwards, however, you need the two outside who do business. The central defenders then stand a little wider. 

  • If that works, you have an advantage: If you do it well, you have a lot of players on both the defensive and the offensive. But you need two players on the outside who have enormous stamina. They're broken after the half. So you have to be careful that the outside does not run down too quickly - otherwise, you are suddenly only weakly occupied in the back. This is especially true as soon as the actually very popular fitness bug has been fixed.

  • This formation is suitable for: Players who need lots of options at all times. Especially in attacking play, the 3-5-2 gives you an incredible number of points to play when you are on the offensive. If the opponent wins the ball, however, it has to go back quickly. Otherwise, there is a massive risk of being countered.

The Most Balanced Formation For Starter Teams - 4-4-2

  • The 4-4-2 formation is similar to the diamond, but it is a bit more balanced in the center. It is more difficult for the opponent to outplay the middle. At the front, you only lose a little punch. Two strikers are important. You can play quick, short double passes and have two pass stations. With 4-4-2 you also have two over the outside. 

  • This formation is suitable for: Players who like to play outside and do not want to be too naked defensively. If you have strong outside players to feed your strikers with, this is the place for you.

FIFA 20 Best Tactic & Instructions - How To Pick Your Custom Tactics?

  • With the individual tactics, you can set four different formations and tactics. Although these are marked as “very defensive” to “very offensive”, you can also set four tactics that fully focus on the offensive - that is up to you. We recommend that you create at least one balanced tactic that you play at the beginning of a game. So you feel the opponent and can act accordingly without catching a goal early.

  • FIFA has become a bit slower this year too, so we always recommend building up your individual tactics quickly. So you can attack like a raid and bring the opposing defensive into trouble faster. And as we know, it's not that easy to stand compactly at the back.

  • If you rely on fast counterattacks, however, you should also close the gate safely. If you want to score a lot of goals, you can check out the tricks for this year in the linked guide.

  • If you play a formation that sets up one or more central midfielders (CM), you should always give them the instruction "cover middle" in your individual tactics. This has turned out to be very useful in previous FIFA offshoots and the same applies to FIFA 21.

  • The best tactic should always favor a compact defense. If you stand well and safely behind you, you've almost won the game. You don't have to set up the defensive very deeply, it is enough if you play with a back four and don't involve your full-backs too much on the offensive. With their crosses in the penalty area, they only cause a minor threat.

  • Last but not least, a tip for the best tactics: If you play with a center forward, he should always orientate himself centrally. You can also set this in the instructions. This order should always apply to at least one striker when playing with two or even three attacking players. Aiming in the middle of the short corner of the goal is pretty much the most effective way to get the ball into the goal and so you will often be able to force this game situation.

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