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FIFA 20 Summer Heat Event Guide: Release Date, Special Cards, SBCs, Objectives & Pack Offers

6/17/2020 12:51:25 AM

In FIFA 20, the TOTSSF event is over and the next FUT event is coming up. The brand new Summer Heat event is upcoming! What kind of new content (Offers, SBCs, new Summer Heat cards, Squad Building Challenges, Objectives) could the event bring? Let’s find out all information about the FIFA 20 Summer Heat Promo.

What is FIFA 20 Summer Heat? 

So far, little is officially known about the contents of the summer heat event. EA Sports only announced the event via Twiter and the FUT loading screen for June 17th. This is a very unusual day for a FUT event, because promotions usually appear on Ultimate Team on Fridays.

What do we officially know so far? So far we only know the release date and the new card design from the summer heat event. It is not yet known which players will receive new special cards and what other content there will be. However, there are indications in which direction the event could go and FUT fans have already made initial assumptions.

When will FIFA 20 Summer Heat Start and End?

FIFA 20 Summer Heat start date is set on Wednesday, June 17, while the end time is to be confirmed.

Every day during Summer Heat, new SBCs will be released at 6 pm BST (1 pm ET), while new promotional packs and other offers will be unveiled regularly.

Promotional packs are usually released in evenings and are available for 24 hours in limited quantities.

What Kinds of Summer Heat Offers We Could Expect?

There is speculation about this content: There is a lot of discussion and speculation about the new FUT event on the Internet (via Reddit). The FUT players analyze all available information bites to find out something about the new event. The second FUT loading screen, in particular, provides the first clues.

According to what is arguably the most valid theory, the design of the new loading screen for Summer Heat suggests a UNION OF FUTMAS AND SCREAM EVENTS mixed with Flashback and Player Moments cards. With the four examples given, EA indicates a connection to the previous promos, so players can look forward to FUTMAS and Scream objects as well as cards from past Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). THE RETURN OF INTERNATIONAL HEROES from FUT 16 is a more creative forecast, the starting point for this is the corresponding release date (June 17th).

Special Summer Heat Themed Cards

From the previous loading screens, we can see the brand new Summer Heat card design in-game. EA SPORTS teased that there would be two versions of Summer Heat FUT cards, indicating that there could be nominee cards in addition to Summer Heat promo cards, which would mean that there could be some form of fan vote to decide the team. 

You can see parts of different FUT card designs and logos of older FUT special cards. 

We could also see FUT 20 Summer Heat promo cards where you have to grind towards a better version of a player, much like Daniel James and Martin Odegaard's objectives.

How to recognize these special cards on the loading screen:



Player moments

Ultimate Scream

Players therefore suspect a re-release of various special cards from the previous FUT year, which, however, could now get even stronger values as summer heat cards. For example, an 87 Scream Dzeko could get an improved card with stats in the 90 with the new summer heat event. That sounds plausible to many FUT players and they already wish for numerous SBC cards to be improved with the Summer Heat Event (via reddit).

Summer Heat SBCs & Objectives

The new Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for Summer Heat include Flashback players and special Moments players which celebrate outstanding individual performances from the past. In addition, there will also be re-released versions of popular SBCs from previous promotions from FUT including FUTmas and Ultimate Scream. These re-released SBCs and Objectives will include upgraded versions of those player items. 93 rated Summer Heat Ferland Mendy will be added for free via in-game objectives.

Summer Heat Promo Packs and Lightning Rounds

Being a FUT Promotion, expect packs to be sold throughout, and a few lightning rounds around the tail end of the promotion. 

Note, however, that this is only speculation. We will find out what the event really looks like and what content it will bring on Wednesday, June 17th at 6:00 p.m (UK). We are excited. And we do suggest you can prepare some cheap FIFA 20 Coins for the event.

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