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FIFA 20 Best Cheap TOTSSF Players Worth To Invest For A Better Team

TAG: FIFA 20 TOTS 5/11/2020 12:14:53 AM

The current FIFA 20 TOTSSF event provides a lot of new, strong cards in the game. Unfortunately, they are correspondingly expensive, while here we introduce you 3 best but inexpensive FUT 20 TOTS players who are still strong.


These cards are in the FIFA 20 TOTSSF: So far, the Community, EFL, Premier League and Saudi TOTSSF have been published. And there were a lot of cracks in it, like de Bruyne, van Dijk or Agüero.

Those who were really lucky pulled cards like this from their Weekend League rewards - they are currently better than ever. Otherwise, these over-cards are hardly available. The best cards are in the millions, and weaker cards such as Piqué or Julian Brand cost you more than 100,000 coins.

But even if you don't have 100,000 FUT 20 coins left, you can find a few treasures in the TOTSSF cards. Here we show you three cards, which are not that expensive, but can still strengthen your team.

FIFA 20 TOTSSF Grimaldo

This is Grimaldo: Grimaldo plays as a Spanish left-back in the Portuguese league NOS. His card is from the Community TOTS and is probably one of the best cards you can find on the team.

If you look at Grimaldo's values, it quickly becomes clear that this is one of the 10 best left-backs in FIFA 20. This is especially true if you are looking for a full-back to play forward and not just secure. Thanks to high speed, good dribbling and strong defensive values, he can cover both. If you already own Grimaldo, you should definitely try the TOTS version.

Why does Grimaldo worth it? Grimaldo occupies the left full-back position, with some chemical loss he can also play in the back right. You should think about that given his left foot.

One thing is certain: this defender is absolutely worth the approx. 45,000 to 50,000 coins that he currently costs (May 8). That it is so cheap should be due to its difficult to install league. However, as a Spaniard you can easily play him with players like Sergio Ramos, Piqué. Left Thiago or Busquets - not to mention icons like Puyol. And Grimaldo also fits the next entry on this list.


This is Pepe: Pepe should be remembered by many fans as a tough defender of Real Madrid, who liked to get a red card or two. The 37-year-old now earns his rolls in the Portuguese league NOS.

His TOTSSF card comes from the TOTSSF community and has values that make Pepe useful. The total value is 88, most of which comes from the high defensive and physical values. Incidentally, it also has a 98 aggression value, which long-time Pepe fans should probably consider set too low. You can boost his 75er pace with a shadow chem style so that he can keep up with the pace.

Why does Pepe worth it? You can get Pepe's TOTSSF card for 35,000 coins (May 8th), which makes it absolutely inexpensive. Anyone who can install it in the central defense can look forward to a robust, aggressive obstacle for opposing strikers. Of course, it is especially suitable for players in the Liga NOS, such as Grimaldo. But Portuguese compatriots like Ricardo Pereira, Nelson Semedo or Joao Cancelo also go well with Pepe.

FIFA 20 TOTSSF Moussa Dembélé

That's Dembélé: Dembélé excelled in Ligue 1 as a striker for Olympique Lyon with 16 goals in 27 games last season. This was rewarded with a strong TOTSSF card in the community team.

It offers great numbers, especially in terms of attack values, such as speed and shots. At the same time, the 90s physique makes him pretty assertive, the four-star skills unpredictable. He only has weaknesses defensively - but that's not his focus either. With Dembélé you primarily get a central striker who knows where the goal is.

Where is Dembélé worthwhile? There are plenty of French players with good scores in FIFA 20. So you can easily find good links for Dembélé, regardless of the league. And you can get it pretty cheap now: after it initially cost 150,000 coins, it fell to around 50,000 coins in the course of the TOTSSF event (May 8). A price for which Dembélé is definitely worth it.

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