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FIFA 20 TOTS Investment - Powerful Budget Icons Are Worthwhile To Buy During TOTSSF Event

TAG: FIFA 20 TOTS 5/18/2020 10:03:51 AM

Since the FIFA 20 TOTSSF event is currently running and brings huge market crash, which has already made a lot of top rated cards in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team are significantly cheaper. The FUT 20 icon players are not left untouched - like these powerful legends, which we do think are worthwhile to invest during the FIFA 20 Team of The Season event.

FIFA 20 Best Icons (Legends) Investment During FUT 20 TOTSSF Event

Of course, the icons have not become completely cheap. After all, they still have strong values and can be linked with all players. Nevertheless, many have fallen in price and have become more affordable during the Team of The Season So Far Event. If you are looking for strong icons for a good price in FIFA Coins, you will find them in these five legends.

CF: Raúl González Blanco

That's why Raul is worth it: With Raul you get a legendary Spanish striker who not only enchanted Real Madrid, but also the Bundesliga. During his time at Schalke he was a real attraction for the royal blue - and it could also be for your team.

Raul’s four icon cards all play in the center forward, so there are no different positions here. All four versions bring solid values in all offensive areas, especially its balance value in the dribbling area stands out positively. His cards all fell extremely in price.

- Base Raul icon form can be found under 100,000 FIFA coins

- Mid Raul is around 225,000

- Prime Raul fell from over a million to around 500,000 coins

- Prime Moments Raul costs more than a million FUT 20 Coins, but has also been more than twice as high in the past few months.

ST: Patrick Kluivert

That's why Kluivert is worth it: Patrick Kluivert provides you with a dangerous weapon right at the end. It has a high reactions, great shooting values and is also dangerous in the air. He is not the biggest sprinter, but if you feed him passports in front of the goal, you can get a lot out of Kluivert.

So if you are looking for a typical goal taker, Kluivert could serve you well. In any case, its price is hard to beat: even its prime version is less than 200,000 coins. The prices at a glance:

- Base Kluivert is currently at 88,000 coins

- Mid Kluivert costs almost 100,000 coins

- Prime Kluivert is just 170,000, costing double in April.

- Prime Moments Kluivert will cost you about half a million and thus only half of the April price.

LM/CAM: Pavel Nedvěd

That's why Nedved is worth it: Nedved is a pretty strong outside player who is rather unpredictable with four-star skills and five stars on the weak foot. He is a good choice when it comes to dribbling, he can provide your strikers with templates. If you pull it into the center during the game, you can use it very well as a playmaker to compensate for possible speed disadvantages.

The situation with Prime Icon Moments Nedved is somewhat different. He plays in the central, attacking midfield anyway. However, it also costs a whole lot more money. And the prices at Nedved are unfortunately not yet as low as at Kluivert:

- Base Nedved currently costs around 180,000 fifa 20 coins

- Mid Nedved is 259,000 coins

- Prime Nedved will cost you 315,000.

- Prime Moments Nedved is over a million.

However, the following also applies here: Since April, prices have partly halved - and Nedved was already worth his money there.

RM/CAM: Jay-Jay Okocha

That's why Okocha is worth it: Jay-Jay Okocha may not have some players on the screen, he has long been one of the cheaper icons in the game. His base card has a total rating of 85, the mid-icon card 87 and the prime version 90. Especially for a winger, Okocha does not necessarily have enough sprint speed in his luggage for some players. But: in the center it is extremely dangerous.

Okocha is a great dribbler, with 5-star skills and all the important dribbling values in the high range. With it you can easily get out one or the other opponent. His shots are also not to be scoffed at, his free kicks are a weapon.

His cards are quite cheap compared to other icons, especially after the price drop in the past few weeks:

- Base Okocha is 113,000 coins

- Mid Okocha only costs 85,000 coins, but was also represented in icon swaps

- Prime Okocha costs around 214,000 coins

- Prime Moments Okocha is a good 500,000 coins

CB: Franco Baresi

This is why Baresi is worth it: if you are looking for a strong icon for central defense, Baresi is a good choice. Many players are often looking for big central defenders to defend headers at corners, and Baresi is not the biggest at 1.76 meters. But headers are not as effective in FIFA 20 as they are in other parts of FIFA - so there is no real disadvantage.

Instead, Baresi shines with strong defensive values and has long been a rather expensive icon card. In the meantime, its price has dropped sharply and could become an option for more players - even if it is not completely cheap:

- Base Baresi is at 209,000 coins

- Mid Baresi currently costs 229,000 coins, which is not that much more than the base card

- Prime Baresi costs you 304,000 coins

- Prime Moments card costs 447,000 coins

In addition to these icons, many other cards are currently falling sharply. The FIFA 20 TOTSSF event brings many strong cards and SBCs that affect the market. Eder Militao has just got one and could be worth it for your team.

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