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Fifa 19 Flashback Casillas Sbc - Cheapest Solution For 91 Iker Casillas Flashback Sbc & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 1/11/2019 11:00:52 AM

a new fifa 19 flashback card available now through fifa 19 flashback casillas squad building challenge in ultimate team, you can earn a 91 rated best iker casillas, who is former toty gk, check out the cheapest solution for fifa 19 flashback casillas sbc on and player review of fifa 19 flashback casillas, win best casillas card and fifa 19 packs.

fifa 19 flashback casillas squad building challenge

la furia roja


spain players: min. 3

team of the week players: min. 1

team rating: min. 83

team chemistry: min. 80

number of players in the squad: 11


1 * mega pack

los merengues


real madrid players: min. 2

team rating: min. 84

team chemistry: min. 85

number of players in the squad: 11


1 * prime gold players pack

cheapest solution/method to complete fifa 19 flashback casillas sbc

cheap fifa 19 squad builder for la furia roja challenge

formation/lineup: 4-4-2

team rating: 83

team chemistry: 81

price (required coins) based on fifaah jan. 11 on different platforms:

ps4 - 21k, xbox one - 22k, pc - 26k

cheap fifa 19 squad builder for los merengues challenge

formation/lineup: 4-2-3-1(2)

team rating: 84

team chemistry: 88

price (required coins) based on fifaah jan. 11 on different platforms:

ps4 - 30k, xbox one - 31k, pc - 39k

fifa 19 ultimate team flashback 91 iker casillas player review

the cheapest way for completing fifa 19 flashback casillas sbc only cost about 50k fut coins on ps4 and xbox one, it looks very cheap for a 91 overall card, then how does casillas in-game stats and performance?

fut 19 flashback casillas cards attribute details and in-game performance. looking at the card, 91 rated overall with 90 position, 90 reflexes, 91 diving, 88 handling and 69 kicking, he's not one of the fastest when it comes to the one-on-one situations, getting off his line quickly so that can be a little bit of a problem at times, but he is perfect for set pieces, he does get off his line quite quick for that's due to the game mechanics more than the actual card. he is also very good when it comes to his caption and holds on to the ball, he's not necessarily someone who is going to be punching the ball in certain situations where you feel too far out. it usually goes out for throwing back to your eye either to your player or out of bounds or in a decent position so that he can get back on his land. in addition, his diving and reflexes at the later time that's not enough to really make it, but he's been such a good goalkeeper over the last 20 years that he's put himself in such a good physical condition that he's still able to be a top goalkeeper. 

when it comes to making saves especially when moving the goal, when moving the goalkeeper in jars in terms of catching the ball, they party it up for whatever reason or party in a different position it does end up really a partner in a really decent position, his reflexes and body movements are quite good. as for set pieces like corners and stuff like that there's a shot, he's got a position at away from space so he will catch the majority, he can put himself in a decent area gave himself the best chance to save the goal, but it is not recommended using his right side at all.

does the fifa 19 flashback sbc casillas is worth to get? overall, 91 rated casillas is a really good goalkeeper who is very solid and cheap, so it's definitely worth doing even if you just want to pull it through an sbc, buy fifa 19 coins on, you can enjoy 5% off discount with the coupon code "f19"!

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