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Fifa 19 Swedish Poty Paulinho Sbc - Complete The Paulinho Sbc With Cheapest Method & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 11/20/2018 12:16:37 PM

fifa 19 swedish poty paulinho sbc is available now, following up the sbc series, in this fifa 19 tutorial, i'll introduce how to complete the paulinho sbc with the cheapest method and does it is worthy to get?


fifa 19 squad building challenges - swedish poty paulinho sbc

swedish poty


min. sweden players: 1
min. brazil players: 1
min. rare players: 4
min. team rating: 82
min. team chemistry: 80
number of players in the squad: 11


paulinho special item (untradeable)

cheapest method to complete the fifa 19 swedish poty paulinho sbc

cheapest hybrid squad builder 10k-15k for the swedish poty challenge

formation/lineup: 4-3-3

rating: 82

chemistry: 96

price based on nov. 20 data for different platforms:

ps4 - 9.8k, xbox one - 10k, pc - 12k


player review - fifa 19 swedish poty paulinho

paulinho, the swedish player of the year, brazilian left-wing, absolutely fantastic super sub card with a beautiful design. it is worthy to do the sbc.


firstly, it's cheap to do it. using the above squad, you can get him with less than 15k fifa 19 coins, and it's very easy, you only need to complete one squad. it just needs to take you a few minutes in a long duration.

then, let's look at the stats. 85 pace and acceleration is 89, he is fast, 84 dribbling, nice stats, agility is 87, balance is 98, excellent, composure is 84, in-game jumping 86, aggression 87, fantastic, long shots 85, basically he's fantastic as a super sub. we can conclude the main positives of paulinho: agility, fun to use, high aggression, four-star weak foot, and skill moves. there's something about the score in time finesse with cards, it's just so much fun his four-star weak foot with the four-star skill moves are definitely noticeable, you can put him on either foot to take a shot and take the ball rolls or all those sorts of things.

and the main negatives: limited links, strength, reactions, and passing. he has limited links unless you go for a for the brazilian team, if you want him in your starter team and if you got to buy a name bar, then there's no reason his strength let him down massively as well, if he's through on goal and the defender may just catch up with him, if you can manage to get away from the defender, there's a high chance that you will score a goal, because his finishing is brilliant, but his reactions were poor actually, so the ball was in front of him he wouldn't go after that ball and his passing also a little weaker.

overall, i recommend that you go and do this card with about 10k-15k, he's fantastic and so much fun to use even he's not be the top-tier player the same as neymar, messi and ronaldo, but it only need an 82 rated squad with a brazilian and a swedish player, they're very cheap to pick up and just cost you less than 15k to complete.


the sbc is easier to do than potm jadon sancho sbc and much cheaper, the duration also remaining 13 days, you can complete it when you are free. more cheap way of fifa 19 sbcs or other game tips and tricks please focus on if you need fut coins, we can provide the cheapest and safest fifa 19 coins for you.



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