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Fifa 19 Events Calendar/Schedule - When Will Every Event & Promotion Arrive In Ultimate Team?

TAG: FIFA 19 EVENTS News 10/12/2018 12:00:52 PM

when and which event will be in fifa 19 ultimate team? in our fifa 19 event calendar, we list all fut events and present when promotions such as the fifa 19 swap deals, toty, tots, futmas or fut birthday .

without events fut could not be imagined these years. especially for fifa 19 trading in transfer market, it is important to know when and which promotions come in ultimate team, which will help you earn more fut 19 coins and profit.

that's why here's an overview of all the fifa 19 ultimate team event dates. the exact event release dates in fut 19 are not guaranteed, but the approximate time frame is considered extremely likely.


fut 19 events in september

right after the official release of fifa 19 on september 28, the first event takes place: the ones to watch cards for summer transfers are the first promo in ultimate team.

in addition, towards the end of each month come the players of the month of the premier league.

fifa 19 summer ones to watch

september 28, 2018 - the otw cards come: the ones to watch squad for the summer is expected for friday, september 28th. the event starts at 06:00pm and goes one week long. for this time, the otw cards is in packs. check more details about fifa 19 otw here.


fut 19 events in october

in addition to the start of the weekend league, the start of ultimate team is rather quiet. and the first swap deals drops into fut. and the event for halloween takes place in october.

fifa 19 swap deals

october 6, 2018 - fut swap deals: this year, swap deals come back earlier than expected throughout the season to provide more opportunities to upgrade your fut squad. 

what are the swap deals? you can get everything on our fifa 19 fut swap deals guide.

fifa 19 ultimate scream

october 19, 2018 - the screaming team is released: the halloween celebrations are expected to begin this year on friday, october 19, and end on tuesday, november 1.

what is the fifa 19 ultimate scream event? for halloween, a team of 23 players will be released, which come in a creepy card design. these special cards can also be obtained through packs, but only for a limited time.

while the cards make it appear as if they have only minimal boosts, this is deceptive. for every full moon is "scream-time" and the 23 players receive massive rating increases. more information will be updated at!


fifa 19 events in november

also the november is concerning promos rather poorly equipped, only the two "shopping high days" black friday and cyber monday have found their way into fut.

fifa 19 black friday & cyber monday

november 23, 2018 - black friday: the day after thanksgiving is especially profitable for ea, because the fut shop is flooded with pack offers just like that. in addition to the flash rounds, there are also special sbcs and weekly objectives. that's how the whole thing went last year.

november 26, 2018 - cyber monday: if you miss black friday, cyber monday will once again give you the chance to buy promo packs or special sbcs in the flash rounds.


fifa 19 events in december

slowly the possible time starts in ultimate team. in december next to futmas we can expect the team of the group stage.

fifa 19 team of the group stage (totgs)

december 14, 2018 - team of tournaments: the team of the group stage is expected to appear in mid-december. the event was supposed to last a week but might look different this year as ea secured the official rights of the champions league.

what is the totgs? in the team of the tournament - group stage ea rewards the best 23 players of european tournaments (cl and el) with special cards. these can be put into packs for a week, normally there should be special sbcs as well.

the cards have been in great demand these last few years as they are the first heavily upgraded special cards in the fut season.

fifa 19 futmas

december 14, 2018 - futmas: the annual christmas event can not be missed in fifa 19. the promo phase launches in mid-december, lasts just under three weeks and should be over by the beginning of january.

what is futmas? during the christmas season fut has many special christmas cards to win. you can get it for example via sbcs or weekly tasks. other promotions such as promo packs and small gifts should come again.


fifa 19 events in january, 2019

in january, there are not many promotions, but the most important event in the whole year: team of the year!

fifa 19 team of the year (toty)

january 7, 2019 - toty: the team of the year is scheduled to start on january 7 with the nominee announcement. one week later, the winners will be announced successively and can be pulled out of sets. the event is expected to end on the 21st of january, after the whole toty was packed again.

what is the team of the year? the toty cards are usually the best in the game, even the team of the season cards are not there. it is an 11-cumminuty selection that receives dark blue special cards and was chosen in fifa 18 by ea and representatives themselves.


fifa 19 events in february

in february things get down to business, we expect three ultimate team events.

fifa 19 winter ones to watch (otw)

february 1, 2019 - otw winter: analogous to the otw summer cards come in early february, the fifa 19 ones to watch players of winter transfers. also this event lasts one week, during this time you can find the special cards in fut packs.

what are the winter ones to watch? it is just like the summer cards to dynamic items.

fifa 19 lunar new year

february 8, 2019 - lunar event: the chinese new year has become a tradition in fifa. for fut 19, lunar new year event is expected from the 8th to the 11th of february.

what happens in fut 19 at the chinese new year? in addition to gifts that will improve according to your filing dates in fifa 19, there will again be sbcs, promo packs and weekly objectives. at least that's what the fifa 18 event looked like.

fifa 19 ratings refresh

february 22, 2019 - ratings refresh: end of february will be a relatively long event phase. it probably lasts until 4 march, until all leagues are through with the ratings refresh.

what is the rating refresh? after the winter break there is an upgrade or downgrade of many cards. players who perform better than their cards suggest will receive a new higher-rated gold card. the other way around was - down to last year - downgrades.


fifa 19 events in march

after the eventful february, a big event awaits us in march: the birthday of ultimate team.

fifa 19 st. patrick's day

march 15, 2019 - st patricks day: the irish holiday in fut could start in mid-march and last for several days to a week.

what happens in fut on st. patrick's day? to celebrate the irish, ultimate team turns completely green: there is about one irish special team or sbcs. last year, however, st. patrick's day was canceled. therefore, it is questionable if we will see him again in fifa 19.

fifa 19 fut birthday

march 19, 2019 - fut is celebrating its birthday! the event will not start on the 19th, but probably a few days earlier. it should move for about 10 days and be completed before april.

what happens in fut birthday event? the birthday of ultimate team is a huge event. there's a bunch of new birthday special cards that mostly rejuvenate fan favorites from older fifa parts. also, sbcs, weekly objectives and pack deals are likely to come.


fifa 19 events in april

if april was another eventless month, ea surprised us in fifa 18 with a new promo: the swap deals, maybe it will come back again, or let’s expect a new surprise.

fifa 19 swap deals

april 6, 2019 - fut swap deals: start of the barter deals is expected in early to mid-april, and the event could last for almost a month, like until the beginning of may.


fifa 19 events in may and june

we are already approaching the final spurt of the fut season in may. with the team of the season, the game usually gets a boost again, before the eyes then already go towards fifa 20.

fifa 19 team of the season (tots)

may 10, 2019 - team of the season: on may 10th it will probably start with the community tots. then a new tds appears regularly. overall, the event should go for 1.5 months and end on 21 june.

what is the team of the season? the tots is after toty the second very big event with extremely strong special cards. this time, the best players of the season will be honored. in addition, many leagues receive their own 23-member tots selection. check it out to see how the "team of the season" in fut 18 came to an end.

fifa 19 team of the knockout stage (totks)

may 10, 2019 - team of the knockout stage: in the late champions league matches, except for fifa 18, there was always the totks. this will probably be in the middle of may and will last for more than a week.

what are the team of the knockout stage? similar to the totgs, the totks is a 23 selection of the best players in the knockout stages of the european and champions league. until last year, the tott knockout stage always came in mid-may. what happens this year, especially in view of the new licenses, is still open.


fifa 19 events in july

in july, the interest in fut drops significantly. to bring the players back, ea called the futties event into being. it's the last big event in ultimate team before the weekend league ends at the end of august.

fifa 19 futties

july 5, 2019 - the futties: from early to mid of july the event should start with the pink special cards. it is likely to pull back over almost a month and thus be finished in early august.

what are the futties? at this fut festival new special cards come from players who did not receive a special card during the whole season, but were extremely popular with the players. you can remember chris smalling or jack butland from fifa 17. in fifa 18, for example, a bakayoko was part of the party.


of course, most of the above events are already officially confirmed. we just make this fifa 19 events calendar according to the information from previous years for your references. stay tuned for more fifa 19 news.

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