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Fifa 19 Otw Cards Guide - Ones To Watch Players Of Summer Transfers, Best Investment Tips, Card Price Trend And More

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fifa 19 otw - ones to watch cards are back to the game. which players could become the stars in the spotlight, you will learn everything about the significant mechanic, including fifa 19 otw release dates, all summer edition players, best investment tips, card prices trend in transfer market and more.<

fifa 19 ones to watch - otw introduce

what are the ones to watch in fut 19?

the summer ones to watch in fut 19: the otw cards or the "stars in the spotlight" are special cards in fut 19, which are only limited available. at the start of the fut-19 season, starting on september 28 to october 8th, you can drag them into fifa 19 packs that may contain rare gold players. after the release phase, they are only available on the transfer market - and quite expensive.

which players receive otw cards: only players who changed clubs in the summer can receive otw cards. they are basically the "best summer transfers".

the special feature of the otw cards: they are dynamic cards. each time an otw player receives a totw card or other special card during fut 19, his otw card is automatically adjusted to that card and remains consistently at the higher rating.

this means that the better the player in real football (and thus receives a special card from ea sports), the better your otw card will be during the season. it then receives a form boost that matches the latest values.

fifa 19 otw release dates

when will fifa 19 otw available in fut? how long are the fut 19 otw cards in packs?

fifa 19 ones to watch summer edition release date

start: 28/09/2018 (fri) 06:00pm ukgmt (uct +0)

end: 08/10/2018 (mon) 06:00pm ukgmt (uct +0)

fifa 19 otw player list - all confirmed fifa 19 ones to watch cards

already in august 2018, ea sports released the first three otw summer edition cards, which you can get in fut 19:

cristiano ronaldo: the superstar moved from real madrid to juventus, would be the highest rated fut 19 otw

leon goretzka: the international changed from fc schalke 04 to bayern.

thomas lemar: the frenchman moved from as monaco to atletico madrid.

fifa 19 otw - cristiano ronaldo

the card design of the ones to watch differs significantly in fifa 19 ultimate team compared to that of fut 18. while the cards in fut 18 were predominantly black, in fut 19 they are quite colorful and flowed through with neon colors. below it’s a complete fifa 19 otw list:

fifa 19 summer otw team - fut 19 ones to watch players

fifa 19 otw starting xi

st: cristiano ronaldo (juventus) - 94

st: gonzalo higuain (milan) - 88

cm: radja nainggolan (inter milan) - 85

gk: alisson (liverpool) - 85

rw: riyad mahrez (manchester city) - 85

cb: sokratis (arsenal) - 84

cm: jorginho (chelsea) - 84

rb: joão cancelo (juventus) - 84

cm: naby keita (liverpool) - 83

cm: leon goretzka (bayern munich) - 83

lm: quincy promes (spartak moscow) - 83

fifa 19 otw bench

lm: thomas lemar (atlético madrid) - 83

rw: malcom (barcelona) - 83

cm: axel witsel (borussia dortmund) - 82

cm: fred (manchester united) - 82

lm: felipe anderson (west ham united) - 82

cb: salif sané (schalke 04) - 81

rb: šime vrsaljko (inter milan) - 81

fifa 19 otw reserves

st: fyodor smolov (lokomotiv moscow) - 81

st: mariano (real madrid) - 80

cm: aleksandr golovin (monaco) - 79

lm: richarlison (everton) - 77

st: moussa dembélé (olympique lyonnais) - 75

fifa 19 otw cars - ones to watch full team

fifa 19 otw best investment tips

how to make good investment on fifa 19 otw?

the risk with otw cards: otw cards are usually very expensive in the transfer market, as many players hope that the card will be upgraded in the coming months. however, if the player does not perform well in real football, gets injured, or is not considered by ea for totw, you have invested a lot of fifa 19 coins but have not taken advantage of it. because the standard otw card is just as strong as a normal standard card. so below we give you some useful tips on investing otw cards.

as mentioned above, otw cards upgrade themselves in line with inform cards received by the player. so as a 'live' version of player cards in fut, ones to watch add an intriguing option for players both on the pitch and in the ever-changing fut transfer market, tracking players form over time. how to invest in otw players and whether or not to invest in a certain otw player or not, so here we list some of the key principles we use to make profit from such investments might be useful:

know the matches with otw players

otw investing isn't something you can really succeed in if you're not watching the game. you need to study the players and make time sensitive investments. the key to a price rise for a otw is in-game performance; this will determine whether or not they get an new inform card during the next totw. and in fifa 19, we also need to pay attentions on their international games out of their leagues.

find out upgrade potential

the first thing you need to consider is the upgrade potential when you are buying an otw card. while all of these cards are exciting and carry some level of potential, we need to keep in mind that some are more likely to receive upgrades than others and that some upgrades will in turn create a much bigger price in fut coins increase than others in transfer market. to find out the ones who is more potentially getting in-forms and special cards in the game, you need to consider some factors, such as player positions, the leagues and clubs he plays in, and if he is regular in starting xi:

player positions - which position is easier to get a totw card? as you know, the quantity of scored goals is the single variable usually used to judge a striker, so a striker scored more goals in one match can be named into totw easier. while to the defenders, they need a combination of a strong defensive performance (usually a clean sheet), an assist or a goal. what’s more, there are average team consists of 4/5 defenders against just 1/2 strikers. so the otw strikers have the most potential to be in-formed!

player in starting xi - if a player isn't a regular starter then the chances of an inform are immediately cut, it’s easy to understand this, some players both play some role, the one is set in starting xi all time receiving several special cards, while the one come on as a substitute getting less special cards even nothing.

league & club - the players from the bigger the club from main leagues, the more likely to obtain a special card. the larger teams have a lot more favorable matchups over the course of the year which in turn should provide a stronger chance at an inform.

not all otw players were created equally

just because a otw player performs well and gets an if, does not mean that their otw card will go up massively, or even at all. some of these players are not in the most popular leagues and probably don't feature in many squads in the game - even when one of these players gets a new if card, it probably means that their old if will go down in price, rather than the new one being worth significantly more, and therefore investing in the otw card would not be the best move - it may hover around the same level and by the time you've paid the ea 5% tax, you might be running loss!

best investing time for otw and price trend

another key element with otw investing is knowing when to do investing and when exit your investment and take your profit.

time to do investing

1. the right time to buy these players with fifa 19 coins in market is as soon as you see them starting to perform well. if you are watching the match, neymar scores and you are instantly on the market buying him, there is a strong chance that you are able to buy before hype kicks in and then sell during it (or hold if you are feeling really lucky). this method provides more risk and requires your reactions to be lightning fast.

2. we recommend exiting the investment during the initial game, once the prices have risen sufficiently for a nice profit. this may not produce the largest roi but it will produce a safer roi; you don't know whether the player will actually make the totw as it also depends on many other player performances. at least this way, you will make some profit riding the hype up to the peak.

3. the time the price goes down, this is usually the optimal time to be buying these players, provided the price is right. similar with the no inform cards in market, the price of otw is a traditional pattern. the otw player prices in fut 19 coins often peak during the game and then will fall slightly, with a possible second rise once it is clear that they will be in the totw (probably through totw predictions on our sites), motm, european tott. here is the otw price study during the week:

- after the weekend match finishes, prices are usually at their lowest point. there is no hype, no immediate chance of an inform and hence no influx of investments. players holding this card are usually using it opposed to investing.

- as the week progresses and the next match day approaches, hype slowly starts to build again as people start picking up these cards in hope of a top performance. investment is still possible here, but the profit margins are slightly lower.

- during the build up to the match, last minute investments are made and prices begin to increase. buying here is usually buying at an inflated price and hence a much riskier investment. at this stage you are all in hoping that a goal is scored or ultimately an inform is achieved, it is effectively a gamble.

- after the match (provided nothing significant took place), we see prices begin to drop again and the rollercoaster returns to the start.

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