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Fifa 18 New Changes Leaked: Free Loan Player & Pack To Start Fut, Kick Out For Inactive In Game And More

TAG: FIFA 18 New Features 8/16/2017 5:16:34 PM

there are new leaks from fifa 18 closed beta: it seems that inactivity in online games is not tolerated, and free selective starter pack and loan players are offered to help you start fut 18, and more new information about fifa 18 ultimate team.

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these days, the fifa 18 closed beta is running. selected players from the us and the uk can view some content before the launch and forward feedback to ea sports.

actually, the developers forbid the beta participants to talk publicly about the beta or even to publish footage of it. while the majority of the testers adhere to the rules of ea, some leaks have now surfaced by players who see these rules somewhat looser. we take the leaks together.


fifa 18 ultimate team new changes

- if you are inactive during an online match you will be punished. another user tells on reddit that he had led 11 minutes before the end 10 minutes before the end and therefore decided to put the controller aside and get something to eat. when he came back, the message on the screen was that he was being punished for inactivity and that the game was counted as a defeat. however, this is only to happen with online matches. how long you can be inactive before you lose a defeat is not known.

- anyone who decides to shoot several properties from frustration is also allegedly losing a direct defeat. who arbitrarily causes more than three owners, will be kicked out the game.

- you can display more statistics on the player cards in fut 18:

fifa-18-fut-leak - fifa 18 player statistics on card

- when you start fut 18, you will receive a starter pack. you can determine the nationality. for this country, more players are included:

fifa 18 starter pack

- if you determine the player roles in fut 18, directly relevant stats are displayed.

- to start fut 18 you can choose a loan player. you can choose between chiellini, hummels, godin, boateng and pepe.

- when you choose your kit and badges, you will see what these will look like in real-time:

fifa 18 kit and badges choose


other confirmed fifa 18 changes:

- there are official graphics and presentations in the game from some leagues (from the beta are premier league, la liga and mls).

- if you press the pause button during an online match, you will not be able to enter the pause menu until the game is interrupted (for example: ball goes out).

- there is a new game mode: "pro clubs championship". further information is not mentioned.


what is the gameplay in fifa 18?

some users report that they are playing with the gameplay of the upcoming football simulation. it feels "damn slow and sluggish". a user speculates that this could be because it is only a beta. another argues that the players' scores in fifa 18 have a different effect on the pros and therefore some virtual kickers are slower than in the previous year.

how "credible" these statements are, we can not currently check. at the latest for the demo of fifa 18, all interested fans can make their own picture of the gameplay. because, in fact, ea sports is pushing for more explosive advances in fifa 18 than in fifa 17, making the game even more dynamic. 


keep in mind that all these leaks are not officially confirmed by ea sports. about pro clubs, the developers have not talked at all. the future will show what fifa 18 will bring. stay tuned on for more latest fifa 18 news and guides, also fifa 18 coins will be sale here at the first time! best deal and promotion are preparing for you!

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