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Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Squad - 4-3-3 Brazil Team With Neymar

12/13/2014 12:37:47 PM

for brazilians, soccer is the sport, but it is culture. almost everyone is a fan of soccer. brazilian jokes "if you don’t know how soccer, you can’t to be the president of brazil, and can’t get high rate of support." brazilians believed that brazil should be ranked in the world heritage forest. brazilian called soccer is the popular sport, either on the beach or in the streets of the city, there are people who play. even in the slums, the poor children are enjoying play stockings as ball . so perfect atmosphere naturally nurtured a lot of super star!

brazil is the most successful team in world cup history. brazil has not missed any world cup finals. in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, won the champion five times, which ranking first in the world. although the campeonato brasileiro série a didn’t in the fifa 15, we will still can build the super brazil team in fifa 15 ultimate. so, today we recommend an amazing brazilian fut team.

formation: 4-3-3
attackers :neymar(87) ari(77) willian(82)
midfielders:hernanes(82) oscar(84) gustavo(82)
defenders:marcelo(82) miranda(84) silva(87) alves(83)


there is no doubt that neymar is the backbone of the team, just like the 2014 world cup. although recently the brazil’s performance is not so good, with the excellent performance of neymar, brazil entered into the semifinals. when the injured neymar missed the game with german, result of the match was 7:1, which shows how importance of neymar in the team.

22-year-old neymar has a classic brazilian samba style, weak foot: 5 star, skill moves: 5 star, technical movements are gorgeous and flexible. the best-known is his excellent fancy and fast dribbling as well as amazing free kick. he can be well qualified in multiple positions in the team, foot skill is balanced, comprehensive technology can be applied very well. as long as you practice more, i'm sure you can play him well and break opponent defense easy.

the price of neymar in pc about 15m fut coins.



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