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Loan Players And Concept Squads In Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

8/13/2014 5:46:41 PM

to play fut, most of players feel frustrated about the fut player’s price. if you don’t have sufficient fut coins and don’t have incredible pack luck chances, you will feel desperate and annoying. now, in the fifa 15 ultimate team, ea gives everyone the opportunity to make use of the prestige players within player loans. the new setup for fut 15 will support you take a loan player straight into your starter squad.



where can we take loan players? you should take on loan by spending your easfc currency first, you can use fut coins either. the new setup means you can bring quality player into your fut squads for free for a limited period. well, the loan players only available for 5 games. tips you should know, if you redeem a player loan through easfc you can’t use that loan again, and the redeem with either coins.


the another new setup in fut 15 is the concept squads which allow you plan future squads, test player’s chemistry and plot transfer market purchase. while, you can’t actually play with concept squads would like this new system!

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