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FIFA 17 TOTY Market Crash & Trading Guide - How to Make FIFA 17 Coins for TOTY and FIFA 17 Winter Upgrades Shopping ?

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As we all know that FIFA 17 TOTY will come soon in 11th January 2017. Before the FIFA 17 TOTY (Team of the Year) and FIFA 17 Winter Upgrade come out, we should prepare enough fifa 17 coins for the upcoming shopping festival. There is no doubt that FUT TOTY is the most beneficial time to trade fifa 17 player card and make a great investment all year. How to make fifa 17 coins for TOTY and FIFA 17 Winter Upgrade shopping? Fifaah is glad to make the FIFA 17 TOTY market crash predictions, and give you some suggestions for FIFA 17 TOTY Trading for making coins this week.

fifa 17 toty market crash

FIFA 17 Winter Upgrade Candidate’s IF Card

Fifaah has posted the major five league’s FIFA 17 Winter Upgrades predictions in the previous article, you can choose some potential players to make invest in the IF versions. When their gold cards get an upgrade, if the upgrade on their gold card pushes their overall so that they equal or are higher than their first IF, all their informs will be boosted in stats to be higher than their regular upgraded gold card. Logically, this boost in stats leads to a rather dramatic increase in price.

High Rated & Price Golds Player + Discard Informs in Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 high rated gold cards that normally don’t sell for much (Ex. Lahm) and discard IFs appear to be great investments for future SBCs.

Player like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, etc. always drop in price during TOTY. What has become more difficult in the past couple years has been timing their drop.

We suggest people investing discard informs and high rated gold cards during the market crash in preparation for these POTM SBCs and TOTY SBCs.


While everyone is focused on TOTY investing, it might be a the perfect time to invest in the POTM SBC’s December! We have make the FIFA 17 POTM December Predictions in the previous article,you can make the invest in the cards that might be needed for their SBCs. We recommend you focus on the PL December POTM factor:

Players of the same Nationality

High rated EPL players

Players from teams the POTM played against this month


Nation specific IFs (usually the same nationality of the POTM)

FIFA 17 TOTW 16 Investing

It’s very easy to forget about TOTW 16 investing in this week before the TOTY. Fifaah will always make the Team of The Week Predictions in advance, please keep eyes on our site. Many people are reluctant to buy with TOTY right around the corner, combined with the fact that anyone that packs an IF is much more likely to want to sell, often leads to low prices.

January Transfer Sniping in Auction House

Every year EA release various of transfer player and we will see the first batch of January Transfer player this week. We expect the biggest FIFA 17 Winter transfers batches start from 06/01/2017, these transferred cards will then be added to packs with their new leagues/teams. This often leads to a substantial, albeit temporary, price boosts to these transferred cards. Click Here get FIFA 17 January Transfer Guide - FUT 17 Winter Upgrades Player List with Best Investment.

Top 10 Packs
xboxico.png XBOX ONE
1 Patrick Man... + 204,000
2 Patrick Man... + 200,000
3 Mar... + 189,200
4 Patrick Man... + 186,000
5 Mar... + 148,600
6 Mar... + 144,000
7 Pu... + 140,000
8 Daniel Bri... + 111,600
9 Co... + 104,000
10 Pu... + 102,400
psico.png PS4
1 Jonathan Skjen... + 210,000
2 Simon Sime... + 207,600
3 Jonathan Skjen... + 206,000
4 Gun... + 206,000
5 Jeremy Gl... + 204,400
6 Jeremy Gl... + 202,000
7 Zilverleg... + 201,000
8 Jeremy Gl... + 200,000
9 Giorgio ea... + 200,000
10 francisco port... + 199,000
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