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FIFA 17 January Transfer Guide - FUT 17 Winter Upgrades Player List with Best Investment

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FIFA 17 Winter Transfers will be released in January what is happening in the real transfer market. In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, when a player switches between clubs in real life, a new fifa 17 transfer card of him with the new club will be released. We all know that most of people are concerned for the FIFA 17 January Transfer List, today, Fifaah.com will be offering lots of FIFA 17 January Transfer Rumours and FIFA 17 Winter Upgrades best investment guide. Let’s learn something more about FIFA 17 January Transfer players List and how to make great investment during the FIFA 17 January Transfer window opens.


When will FIFA 17 Winter Transfers Cards Released?

Most of the FIFA 17 Winter transfers are released in FUT on February 1st, and they usually affect more than 1,000 players. These new cards’ prices vary mostly according to their new scenario. When the player goes to a popular club, his new card’s price will start rising to even reach three times the original value, and only after a few days it’ll eventually get close to the old card’s value.

We expect the biggest FIFA 17 Winter transfers batches in the following dates:

What would happen to Ones To Watch Player who is transferred/loaned to a different club?

The Ones To Watch Player Item type attributes and latest TOTW in-form rating will be unaffected. However, his OTW player item type will remain at the players previous club until he gets a TOTW in-form at which Coin the player’s club, crest and dynamic image will be updated.

How Many new Transfer players card we can receive after the FIFA 17 January Transfer?

It depends on the amount of transfers that occur. It’s been estimated that up to 1.000 players can receive new cards.

What would Happen to the Price of FIFA 17 Winter Transfer Players Card ?

When a player goes to less popular club, his new card’s price gets slightly superior, but then after some time the old cards become rare enough to be considered the most valuable ones.
When a player goes to a popular club in FIFA 17, his new card’s price will start rising sharply, then few days later it will get close to the old card’s price.

How to Make Fifa coins during FIFA 17 Winter Transfer?

One of the best trading opportunities to make fifa coins during the transfer windows has to do with players that stop coming from packs and so they become rarer and more expensive. If you buy this card in advance, you can later sell it for a much greater price when the market doesn’t have many to offer. Therefore, please keep eyes on Fifaah.com which will provide series FIFA 17 January Transfer Rumours List to help you earn coins easy.

FIFA 17 January Transfer List ( Rumours ):

Alexis Sánchez (Arsenal >> Chelsea)
Koke (Atlético Madrid >> Manchester City)
Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur >> PSG)
Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund >> Real Madrid)
Isco (Real Madrid >> Fenerbahce)
Balayoko(Man United >> Chelsea)

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Top 10 Packs
xboxico.png XBOX ONE
1 Patrick Man... + 204,000
2 Patrick Man... + 200,000
3 Mar... + 189,200
4 Patrick Man... + 186,000
5 Mar... + 148,600
6 Mar... + 144,000
7 Pu... + 140,000
8 Co... + 104,000
9 Pu... + 102,400
10 Jordan nathan Mann... + 102,000
psico.png PS4
1 Jonathan Skjen... + 210,000
2 Simon Sime... + 207,600
3 Gun... + 206,000
4 Jonathan Skjen... + 206,000
5 Jeremy Gl... + 204,400
6 Jeremy Gl... + 202,000
7 Zilverleg... + 201,000
8 Giorgio ea... + 200,000
9 Jeremy Gl... + 200,000
10 francisco port... + 199,000
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