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Fifa 15 Players Fitness - How To Increase Squard Fitness In Fut

11/10/2014 2:17:52 PM

if your play a team for a long time, you would notice the squad got tired and the fitness increased. once the player’s fitness under 70 that you can’t finish the whole competitive and easy to get hurt. well, how can we increase squad fitness?


there are two methods to increase players fitness in fut.

firstly, you can put the players into the sub, while the recovery value associated with the player fitness consumption. as you can see:

the currency fit   increase value

85-100                   +10
70-85                     +15
50-69                     +20
35-49                     +25
0-34                       +35

the secondly, to buy player fitness card:

how to use player fitness card? in the current squad you can use it, the detailed process as follow:

- in the xbox platform, please press y
- in the PS platform, please press triangle button
- in the pc platform, please press squad actions

then, you can choose the corresponding player fitness card, just like the players contract. if your club has the fitness coaches.these boost your team's fitness and allow your players to fitness ratings to drop as quickly.

while, to protect your players well and keep your team of combat effectiveness the best way is collecting more excellent players so that you can make sure your team always full of vitality and implement.


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