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Fifa 15 Vs Fifa 16 - Real Madrid Face Comparison

7/27/2015 4:05:45 PM

as we all know, real mardrid becomes the official game video partnership of ea sports. fifa 16 would update real mardrid player 's head, and the bernabeu stadium. so, what's the different of real mardrid player in fifa 16? as you can see the picture as follow:

the update player list:ronaldo、carvajal、james·rodriguez、marcelo、isco、benzema、toni·kroos、varane

from the list, we can learn that these players would certainly remain in real madrid's squad. they wouldn't in the summer transfer market. it is clearly to see that fifa 16 is more realistic, the skin color,hair style,facial expressions and shirt are closer to the real man. i supposed that details of eyes are reasonable.

real madrid as one of the most popular team, their players are popular in fut 15. c.ronaldo is the best player in fifa 15, and his rating is better than messi. if you like them, you can choose to buy it in fut 15. would offer you sufficient fifa 15 coins to meet your requirement in fifa 15!


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