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FIFA 21 Web App & Companion App - Release Start Time, Features, Download

9/21/2020 11:50:39 AM

FIFA 21 is under the corner, while the release of the FIFA 21 Web App is imminent. When does early access start and when can you download the app? All information about the FIFA 21 web and companion app can be found here in the overview so that you can be the first to start trading in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 Ulitame Team Web App & Companion App

What are the advantages of the FUT Web App? The web app gives you access to your Ultimate Team around the clock. You can take care of your team, complete quests and get involved in the transfer market for buying and selling players with FUT 21 Coins, no matter where you are. Therefore, the FUT web app is part of the Ultimate Team experience for many FUT players. There is also another advantage: Bonus rewards can be dusted off for a while via the apps.

What about the download of FUT 21 Web App? No download is required for the web app, as it is a browser application. The Companion App, on the other hand, i.e. the FUT-21 app for mobile devices, requires a download via iOS or Android.

FIFA 21 Web App (Companion App) Release Date & Start Time

When will the FUT 21 Web App be released (start)? In recent years, the web app has always appeared on Wednesday one week before the release of the respective FIFA part. We therefore expect a release of the FIFA 21 Web App on September 30th. An official date is not yet known.

When does the FIFA 21 Companion App start? The companion app is basically the web app for smartphones. In recent years, it has always been available one day after the web app was released. For FUT 21, based on the above date, it could go live on September 31st.

What time does FIFA 21 Web App start? A release time is not yet officially known. However, the last few years have shown that a start between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. seems realistic.

When does the FIFA 20 Web App end? With FUT 20 and its predecessors, the predecessor's web app was taken offline a few days before the new web app was launched. We expect that will be the case this time too.

Important: These release dates refer to the Early Access!

FUT 21 Web App Early Access

How to get FIFA 21 Web App Early Access: Up until now, FUT veterans received early access to the web app. We assume that this will not change this year either. That would mean FUT 20 players will probably be able to get started with the FUT 21 Web App on September 30th. Based on the previous year, the requirements for this would look like this:

  • - You must have established a FUT club in FIFA 20 before August 1st.

  • - This FUT 20 club must be valid until the FUT 21 web app launches.

  • - In addition, your account must have a "good reputation". That means, if you have already been banned or otherwise received negative attention, you may not receive early access.

When would the FIFA 21 Web App start without early access? If you are not a FUT 20 veteran, you will only get access to the web app after you have logged into FUT 21 for the first time, created your FUT club and answered a security question there. So you have to go to the release of FIFA 21 on October 9th. be patient or get early access.

Rewards for returning FUT players in the web app: Each year EA distributed several week rewards for FUT veterans in the web app. You should log in every day in order to collect all rewards. Something like this is also conceivable for FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Web App Content - Trading and Features

The web app and the companion app have the same features. These FUT app functions are considered safe:

  • - Manage your FUT teams and club items

  • - Solve Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

  • - Go to the transfer market and buy and sell players and items - i.e. trading

  • - Check out the TOTW (Team of the Week)

  • - Inspect all maps, rankings and other stats

  • - Buy sets in the FUT Store (with coins or FIFA Points)

  • - Redeem weekly rewards from Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Champions

  • - Share your teams with others thanks to unique URLs

  • - Complete goals

  • - You can create individual tactics for the active FUT team.

  • - You can see your progress with the new seasonal tasks. One or the other task can also be checked off directly via the app.

  • - You can apply "SBC protection" to players. This prevents you from accidentally redeeming one of your important players in an SBC.

What new features does the FUT 21 web app offer? EA has not yet announced any changes to the FUT 21 web app. Should the developer comment on the topic, then this post will be updated as soon as possible.

More information about the FIFA 21 Web App and Companion App - Download

  • - The web app and the companion app are free.

  • - You need an EA account with email address, password and security query to log in.

  • - The web app runs on the desktop and on mobile devices. The companion app is only designed for iOS and Android.

  • - No download is necessary for the web app.

  • - A download is required for the companion app. If you have already installed the companion app, it will receive an update.

  • - As soon as the web app for FUT 21 is live, there will no longer be a web app for FUT 20.

  • - You cannot use it to play matches in FUT 21.

  • - Login problems are to be expected, especially at the launch.

Are you looking forward to the web app? And will you use them to collect FIFA 21 coins for FUT 20 early on? Do not invest in these cards, because these players are threatened with decent downgrades.

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