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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Mode New Features: Co-op Options, New Icons, Stadium Editor and More Changes

8/18/2020 3:11:43 PM

EA SPORTS wants to offer FIFA 21, the most social and customizable FUT mode in the series. There are new co-op options, a stadium editor and fresh icons. But what and who is really hiding behind all the innovations? We have summarized.

FUT 21 New Features & Improvements

FIFA developer EA SPORTS gave an extensive insight into the innovations of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) on Monday evening. The mode has been the focus of soccer simulation for years and receives a lot of support from EA. This year, FUT aims to become even more social through games with friends and collective in-game events. This route is only one of the main focuses.

Schweinsteiger and Lahm complete FUT 21 100 icons

It's not a groundbreaking innovation, but EA SPORTS is filling the 100 icons this year - eleven legendary footballers are joining them, including Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The two German World Cup heroes from 2014 will be available in FUT 21 as icon cards, the respective values are still unknown. The other new players of the past few days are Fernando Torres, Ashley Cole, Samuel Eto'o, Nemanja Vidic, Davor Suker, Ferenc Puskas, Petr Cech, Xavi and Eric Cantona. The latter trio was known before Monday.

FUT with friends

The new co-op option in FUT will be available for three modes: Squad Battles, Division Rivals and FUT Friendlies. However, competing with one friend against two other friends does not work. The modes can be controlled via R2 / RT in the game. The teammate simply has to be selected, the mode set and you can start online. The inviting person acts as the captain and decides on the crew.

Since Squad Battles and Division Rivals are competitive modes in which each game earns points, EA SPORTS has come up with a special rule: Co-op matches count as a rated game for both participants. However, once either player has reached the score match limit, the match will not be officially counted for either player. In Division Rivals, the rating of the higher rated player is also used - but the lower rated partner does not advance faster. Everyone decides whether to play against single players or other duos.

Events for the community feeling

Co-op isn't EA's only move to make FUT more social. Events for the entire following should also strengthen the sense of community. On the one hand, there will be events in which the entire community collects experience points for a task and is rewarded accordingly. At the new team events, EA asks the players to choose one of a maximum of five pages - for example Team Haaland or Team Joao Felix. Now you have to complete tasks and collect XP for your own selection. The highest average value per player determines the winner. Those who end up on the winning side receive the most attractive rewards such as FIFA 21 coins.

FUT Stadium instead of Signal Iduna Park

EA SPORTS already offered more customization options for its own stadium in FUT with FIFA 20, and the trend will continue with FIFA 21. Instead of playing in arenas of world-famous clubs, each player now competes in a customizable FUT stadium. From the basic color, the choreographies and fan chants to the overarching stadium theme, a lot can be adapted to your own ideas. Further options can be unlocked via successes in the game. The bigger your club grows, the bigger its home ground will be.

Adjusted competition modes

In Division Rivals, EA SPORTS wants to ensure a single-player-friendly transition, so in FUT 21 the initial classification can also take place over 30 Squad Battles. However, the possibility of the usual five placement games is still available. For every promotion and every skipped division, a few coins are distributed in FIFA 21. Only 30 matches per week are included in the rating in order to give players with less free time a chance of top placements. All further games continue to influence the skill rating, count for tasks and let you advance. In addition, in FUT Champions and Squad Battles, the Top 100 become the Top 200.

Removed unloved cards

In addition to the major changes to individual FUT modes, there are a few no less interesting innovations. On the one hand, EA SPORTS has adapted the menu: fewer tiles, a darker design and a main navigation bar at the bottom of the screen give FUT a new look and, according to the developer, should make it easier to use. In any case, the news of the removed training and fitness cards is happy, both consumables have been a thorn in the side of the players for several years. EA SPORTS has now also realized that they do not have the desired effect and removed them accordingly.

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