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FIFA 21 OTW Predictions: Confirmed & Potential Ones To Watch Players (Summer 2020 Transfers)

8/10/2020 4:24:20 PM

Ones to Watch cards are extremely popular, especially at the beginning of a new part of FIFA, and will play an important role throughout the FUT year. This is no exception in FIFA 21, OTW is definitely still the sought-after special card you need to invest some FIFA 21 Coins on. Who is likely to be added to the first wave of FIFA 21 OTW? We'll show you which big summer transfers could be involved into FUT 21 Ones To Watch.

FIFA 21 Ones To Watch Predictions

EA Sports always brings out a bundle of Ones To Watch cards at the start of a new part of FIFA. Only players who changed clubs in the most recent transfer window and are therefore now under special observation are taken into account.

The coronavirus pandemic has also mixed up a lot in football. This year, the summer transfer window does not close on August 31, as usual, but only at the beginning of October. So we can still expect some transfers in summer 2020, but we already want to take a look at possible OTW cards in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Confirmed Ones To Watch Cards

Timo Werner (RB Leipzig to FC Chelsea)

Timo Werner is the first OTW player announced by EA Sports, through an advertising spot that appeared on the well-known social network Instagram. The German international striker wants to cause a sensation in the Premier League from next season. Incredible that EA Sports won't give him an OTW card.

FIFA 21 Potential OTW Players Predictions (2020 Summer Confirmed Transfers)

Leroy Sané (Manchester City to FC Bayern Munich)

While Timo Werner leaves the Bundesliga, another offensive man returns to the German upper house. Leroy Sané will be racing across the pitch for Bayern Munich and could become a coveted card at FIFA 21.

Miralem Pjanic (Juventus Turin to FC Barcelona)

Admittedly: Miralem Pjanic is getting a bit old now. EA Sports used to distribute OTW cards only to players under 30, but this rule has been softened in FUT 19. So it is quite possible that 30-year-old Pjanic is one of the ones to watch at FUT 21.

Hakim Ziyech (Ajax Amsterdam to Chelsea FC)

Hakim Ziyech mixed up the Champions League with Ajax Amsterdam last season and only failed in the semifinals at Tottenham Hotspur. A year later, the Moroccan will go to the Premier League, where he will be feeding Timo Werner with templates from the coming season. Here, too, we can definitely count on an OTW card.

Victor Osimhen (OSC Lille to SSC Napoli)

SSC Napoli is said to have paid Victor Osimhen a whopping 70 million euros. The Nigerian scored 13 goals for Lille OSC in the preseason. In 2017 Osimhen moved to VfL Wolfsburg, but was not happy there and handed over to RSC Charleroi after a year and a half unsuccessful. If Osimhen receives an OTW card, FIFA gamers can look forward to a fast and strong attacker.

Nathan Aké (Bournemouth AFC to Manchester City)

With Nathan Aké, Pep Guardiola has a central defender who has already proven that he can keep up in the Premier League. Manchester City cost the defender around 45 million euros, who in the past cleaned up at AFC Bournemouth and also impressed in the build-up of the game.

Thomas Meunier (Paris Saint-Germain to Borussia Dortmund)

Thomas Meunier is the name of the replacement that Borussia Dortmund got after the departure of Achraf Hakimi in the right-back position. Can the Belgian convince at BVB?

Achraf Hakimi (Borussia Dortmund / Real Madrid to Inter Milan)

Achraf Hakimi is turning his back on Borussia Dortmund after his loan. The right-back prefers to play in Serie A in the future, Inter Milan was ready to transfer 40 million euros to Real Madrid. Hakimi was already a popular full-back at FIFA 20 due to his speed. That won't change with FIFA 21.

Jude Bellingham (Birmingham City to Borussia Dortmund)

Also at Jude Bellingham it will be exciting to see which rating EA gives the talent. The Englishman, for whom Borussia Dortmund transferred 23 million euros to Birmingham City, will appear on FIFA Ultimate Team for the first time. To date, the 17-year-old has not had a FUT card at all.

Ferran Torres (Valencia CF to Manchester City)

Manchester City secured great Spanish talent in Ferran Torres this summer. We are curious to see what rating EA Sports gives the right winger. The 20-year-old scored four goals and five assists for Valencia CF in the preseason.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team OTW (Ones To Watch) Cards

The ones-to-watch cards have become an integral part of FIFA Ultimate Team. At this point we explain to you what the OTW cards are all about and leave no questions unanswered about the stars in focus. The "Ones to Watch", often abbreviated to "OTW", which was first introduced into the fame in FIFA 17.

Here we explain in great detail what exactly the ones-to-watch cards are and how they work:

What Is Special About the Ones to Watch Card?

These cards are dynamic. That means: If a player shows strong performances in real life, the ones-to-watch card of this player will also get better - and that when he receives an inform. This is mostly the case when the player is on the "Team of the Week". An OTW card can also improve if the player receives a “Man of the Match” or “Team of the Tournament” card.

At the start, the OTW card has the same rating as a player's standard card. If the player now receives an inform, the rating of the OTW card increases with it. The OTW card therefore always adapts to the strength of the inform. This applies both to the overall rating and to the individual attributes. However, the position of the OTW card always remains the same - even if the Inform has a different position.

Which Players Will Get An OTW Card?

EA Sports is issuing the OTW cards to players who have changed clubs in the past transfer period and are therefore now particularly in focus. These are mostly the strongest players who have changed clubs in the respective transfer period.

When Do the OTW Cards Release Into FUT?

First of all, a distinction can be made between the summer and winter ones-to-watch. For years EA Sports brought out a bundle of OTW players in summer and winter. In FIFA 20, however, EA did not use winter OTW cards, which are otherwise always in February, i.e. shortly after the winter transfer period.

The summer OTW cards appear when a new part of FIFA is released. In some cases, individual ones-to-watch players are introduced in advance. Here you can see which players received an OTW card in FIFA 20.

How Many Players Will Get An OTW Card?

Typically EA Sports puts out a team of 23 ones-to-watch players. These cards will then be available in packs for a limited time and then available on the transfer market.

It is also possible that players can be unlocked via a Squad Building Challenge. These cards can only be completed as an SBC and can no longer be purchased after the SBC has expired.

There is also the possibility that an OTW player appears as a task. You have a limited period of time within which you can secure the card.

What Should I Consider When Buying An OTW Player?

  • A ones to watch card is particularly suitable for you as a purchase if you believe in the player's strong performance in real life. If you think it is likely that a player will at some point be upgraded through one or more informs, you should consider purchasing the OTW card with FIFA 21 Coins in transfer market.

  • Keep in mind, however, that other FUT players have the same thoughts. A player who is more likely to receive an inform is more sought-after and therefore more expensive. But maybe there is a player who is underestimated by the general public and in whom you particularly believe? If you hit such a player, the joy is all the greater when he actually receives an inform. When you buy such a player, you are essentially making a bet on their performance in real life.

  • Sometimes there are hardcore gamers who trade with the OTW cards. It happens, for example, that the market values of the ones to watch change suddenly when a player performs well in real life. Because many FUT gamers now believe in an Inform, the demand goes high and the price in FIFA coins rises.

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