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FIFA 20 Latest News Update - New Faces, Pre Order Issue, Covers, Icons, Commentators and More information

7/2/2019 12:01:05 PM

The FIFA 20 standard version is confirmed to be released on September 27, 2019, there are over two months to go, but it keeps high attention and wide discussion. What happened these days regarding FIFA 20? What new things will FIFA 20 feature? Here bring you the FIFA 20 latest news update covering new faces, pre-order issues of Belgian players, Neymar and cover star, new ICONs, Italian commentators and more information.


FIFA 20 Latest News, Information & Rumours Update

1. FIFA 20 New Faces

- There's an image of Harry Kane circulate on the internet, he is an English professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as a striker and captains the England national team. A few people have reposted this kind of photo and it's a new real Harry Kane face that is different from FIFA 19 and it looks very nice, but not 100% confirmed.

- There are probably two other new faces from the La Liga trailer, the images show that they are respectively Herrerin and Benat, we can expect more news faces from La Liga. 


2. FIFA 20 Pre Order Special Edition is Not Available to Belgian Players

This news maybe not surprising as we have mentioned in previous FIFA 20 news before, the FIFA 20 points was banned in Belgium because it breaching gambling laws and EA stop offers that to Belgium gamers. In addition, players in Belgium cannot pre-order the FIFA 20 special editions should include FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and Champions Edition, but the only thing you can pre-order is the standard edition. It looks like EA has completely given up with the Belgian market.

3. FIFA 20 Covers

As you know, the FIFA 19 cover star Ronaldo gets accused of some sort of stuff reasons and Neymar also gets accused. EA is very conservative and they take a lot of precautions when it comes to these things, so Ronaldo removed from FIFA 19 cover in February this year and EA confirmed that Neymar Cover leaked before is not FIFA 20 Cover, Neymar FIFA Online 4 has been removed as the cover star and it's been replaced with Kaka who was announced as a FIFA 20 new ICON in the game.

4. New FIFA 20 Legends/Icons

- FIFA Online 4, which is made by EA Sports, added new legends Kaka, Guti, and Hargreaves, they're in FIFA online 4 and they are probably going to be coming across to FIFA 20.

- René Higuita, this Colombian legendary goalkeeper is also likely to be a new icon coming to FIFA 20 according to his Twitter profile

- David Beckham could also be another FIFA 20 ICON, the La Liga put a photo of him on their Instagram page and the caption features FIFA 20. There is also news said David Beckham strikes blow to FIFA by signing shock long-term deal.

5. FIFA 20 Italian Commentators

According to an Italian website, Stefano Nafa and Pierluigi Pardo will return to FIFA 20 as Serie A commentators.


6. Other FIFA 20 News - FIFA 20 Demo release date, jersey and more

- Based on previous experience, the FIFA demo should be revealed around two weeks before the standard version release, which means that September 12, 2019 is most likely to get FIFA 20 demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC for all players.

- Nothing new was shown about FIFA 20 Career Mode and Ultimate Team mode at E3.

- Virgil van Dijk would be the highest rated defense player on FIFA 20.

- New FIFA 20 jersey has been revealed.

More FIFA 20 news and features will be updated in the next days, and cheapest FIFA 20 coins for PC, PS4, Xbox one, Switch and mobile with discount are provided here, welcome to your visit.

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