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FIFA 19 Headliner Carvajal SBC - Cheapest Solution to Complete 87 Dani Carvajal Headliner SBC & Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 2/4/2019 12:02:48 AM

After releasing a full team of FIFA 19 Headliners players and Headliner Arnautovic SBC, the FUT 19 Headliner Carvajal SBC coming next to it. Next, FIFAAH.COM will bring the cheapest solution/squad builder to complete the FIFA 19 Headliner Carvajal Squad Building Challenge and player review in Ultimate Team, to earn a 87 rated right back Dani Carvajal with least FIFA 19 coins.

FIFA 19 Headliner 87 Dani Carvajal Squad Building Challenge

Dani Carvajal Challenge


TOTW Players: Min. 2

Spain Players: Min. 3 

Players from the same League: Max 6 

Team Rating: Min. 85

Team Chemistry: Min. 75

Number of Players in the Squad: 11


87 Headliner Dani Carvajal Card

Expire Time

6 PM on February 9, 2019 (UK Time)

Cheapest Solution/Squad for FIFA 19 SBC Headliner Carvajal 

Price based on Feb. 03: PS4 - 134K, Xbox One - 136K, PC - 170K.


FIFA 19 Carvajal Headliner SBC & Player Review

Looking at the Headliner Carvajal SBC requirements, you need to submit an 85 rated squad with 2 TOTW cards, the cheapest solution to complete the SBC is 134K PS4 FIFA 19 coins and 136K Xbox One FIFA 19 coins. Comparing to his TOTW 12 items, 86 rated and cost 75-82K FUT coins on market now, this Headliner card get +1 upgrade, more importantly, it's a dynamic card that may receive other in-form card and upgrades to add his rating and value.

When it comes to the in-game stats and attribute details of FUT 19 Headliner Carvajal, good defending, pace and physical ratings. 87 stamina, 87 sprint speed, 87 interceptions, 89 slide tackle, 87 ball control, 89 crossing, he has balanced good abilities other than the 76 strength.


Overall, 136K to got a 87 rated FUT 19 Headliner SBC Carvajal is not cheap, but he is a great La Liga defender from Spain and may get more upgrades in the future, which makes the SBC is value for coins, in addition, if you got Bale, who can form a strong link with Carvajal, then this card is much useful to you.

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