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FIFA 19 Trading and Best Investment Tips - How To Make FIFA Coins and Get Top Rated Players Fast in FUT 19

10/11/2018 10:58:43 AM

Trading and investment has become a science in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. You can quickly generate many FIFA 19 coins and top players. Therefore, we present you several trading tips so that you have a clear view to do the best investment on the transfer market and can earn FUT coins.

FIFA 19 Trading and Best Investment Tips


There are many methods in FUT 19 to earn FIFA coins by trading player cards in the transfer market. Trading is important not only for the optimal start in Ultimate Team, but the whole FIFA season, but the main thing to win in market is know how and when to invest!

In this trading and investing guide we present you with various trading tips and investing ways so that you can soon upgrade from your starter teams to your dream squad.


FIFA 19 Trading Guide & Investing Tips: You Must Pay Attention To This In Ultimate Team

You always have a risk: even though some trading methods are less risky than others, there is no guarantee of profit. Be aware of this and never invest all your capital! Even methods that still work in one day can be useless again the next day - for example due to an event or an SBC.

The EA Fee: Each card you sell on the FUT transfer market has a 5% tax. That is, if you sell a card for 1000 FIFA 19 UT coins, you only get 950 coins. You should always keep that in mind when trading.

The market is different on the platforms: Due to the different numbers of players, the transfer market on the PS4 or Xbox One is not the same as on the PC or the Switch. Some tips can only work on certain consoles. Therefore, it is important not to emulate trading guides blindly, but to briefly think for yourself and to observe the market.

Transfer and Watchlist extension: In the "EA FC" catalog you will find many redeemable bonuses for Ultimate Team. For the trading is particularly recommended an extension of the transfer and watch list.

Web and Companion App: You can use most trading tips in the game as well as in the companion and web app. The only exception is sniping, as it would be too slow for that.


"Buy low - sell high" - The method without much risk

Our first trading tip sounds stupid at first, because it seems obvious that one buys at trading cheap to resell more expensive. This method, also called "overpriced selling", is nevertheless quite reliable, carries little risk and requires little research or expert knowledge.

Players to choose from: You pick out one or more player cards that you want to trade with. For beginners, low-priced cards are worth under 1000 coins, advanced players can also take expensive cards. Optimally, you are now watching the price development of the cards over a day.

Use the right filters: You know when your cards are the cheapest, it starts: You choose the cheapest time and puts in the search criteria a maximum price, in which you only get the cheapest cards of this player. In the best case, this should be less than one page, because there are too many cards, the offer is too high. Then you should better look for other players.

Buy and Sell: Now you buy all the cards of this player for this low price and put them directly back on the transfer market - more expensive, of course. How much more expensive depends on two factors:

1) How fast you need the coins: If you want to get rid of your cards as soon as possible, add to your purchase price 5% fee and about 10-15% for your profit. With 1000 coins you pay for a card, that would be 1200 coins. If you have more time, you can adjust the prices accordingly upwards.

2) How popular the player is: With popular cards, selling is much easier and you can set the prices higher. Of course, it is also more difficult to buy these cards cheap.

Here's what you should keep in mind: It's best to always set up your cards for one hour and update them every hour, for example, via the web app. Also, do not worry if there are no or very few cards left, trading requires patience.

Why does this method work? People are lazy. And so there are many FUT players who do not care about a few 100 coins and take the first-best on purchases, even if it's not the player's cheapest card. You want to offer exactly this first best card, which is why you should concentrate on just a few players so that you have as many cards of this player as possible on the first market page.


FIFA 19 Transfer Market Investment Tips - Best Trading Ways

Trading Way 1 - Sniping

A variation of the method described above is sniping. Here you are trying to buy cards well below market value, then sell them back to market value.

Here's how it works: You'll set an instant buy and bid price on the search filters for your desired player that is well below market value. There is no guideline, but the deeper you go, the less likely a find is. Now comes the hard part:

You update the market until you find a card. With this you have to quickly access and buy them immediately. This requires some practice. Here is a short guide:

1) Set filter and press search.

2) Click away the emerging message.

3) Important! Increase the maximum (bid) price with the shoulder buttons. This is to update the market offer, if you leave this step away, sniping will not work. The instant buy price you leave immediately.

4) Search again.

5) Repeat step 2-4 until a card appears. If there is nothing on the market, you should try it at a different time of the day (in the afternoons / evenings, more cards are put on the market) or increase the instant buy price.

Practice makes perfect: At first, you're probably going to be slow and the cards are being snatched away. Over time you have the rhythm in it so that you do not have to think anymore, but retrieve the market offer in a matter of seconds.

Market-Ban threatens: In part, players who are sniping complain about temporary market bans from EA. This is because the game thinks you are a bot. Sniping is always at your own risk. But I myself have never been banned, you keep to the process above should there really go wrong.


Trading Way 2 - The 59-minute method

Another variation is no longer about watching a player, but requires a bit more knowledge about card prices.

This is how it works: You set a specific group of players in the search filters that is not too big. For example, "special cards from the Bundesliga" or "gold cards from the Premier League between 10,000 and 15,000 coins". There is not the right filter here, try and test is announced.

Then you go to the side, where the players are just 59 minutes on the transfer market and updated them every now and then. If a bargain hits the market, you can strike immediately. The difficulty with this method is knowing when a card is a bargain at all.

Why does the method work? Most gamblers put their cards on the market for an hour. With this method you have the overview of several cards in the same price segment and you see bargain first directly after they were put on the transfer market.


Trading Way 3 - Mass Bidding

This variant is again associated with very little risk, but can also require a lot of patience. The procedure is similar to the one explained above, only here you use the bidding instead of the instant buy function.

Here's how it works: You pick out a player analogous to the top and watch his prize. If you know at what price the player leaves relatively safe, you can start investing. So you're just looking for your chosen map and bidding on everyone you can.

How much should I offer? How much you offer, depends again on how much the player costs: The 5% EA-Tax you should definitely deduct from the market value, in addition to at least 100 coins profit for you - with more expensive cards also like more. If you want to bid on a player who goes away for 2000 coins, you always have 1700-1800.

Profit: Of course, you will not get most of your bids as many others will bid. Due to your sheer mass of bids slip through but always a few bargains, which you then sold back to the market value and thus your profits.

Combination of methods is possible: You can now also combine mass bidding with "overpriced selling" and place your cards on the transfer market for slightly more than market value. But then it can take longer to get rid of your players.


Take advantage of maintenance work

Maintenance is always annoying, but of course it is of course necessary for EA, every now and then to take the server offline for a few hours. If these are announced by EA, however, it is a good way to make bargains.

Exploiting others' ignorance: If you have informed yourself and know about maintenance, you are probably not the only one. Nevertheless, there are many players who just do not know this and their players continue to put normal on the transfer market.

The market does not close: But while FUT is offline, the transfer market continues. So just before maintenance, bid for low bid prices from as many cards as possible. Once the maintenance begins, you can not be outbid anymore. Players should be yours if the downtime lasts long enough.


Risky But Profitable - Speculation

Let's move on to another big area of trading, speculation. With this trading method you need significantly more knowledge about cards, football and the market than with the variants before. It is also more profitable.

What exactly do you do when speculating? You buy player cards at a certain time because you hope that these cards will increase in the foreseeable future due to an event, an SBC or possible special cards.

Method 1 - Good performance in real life

FIFA players are predominantly big football fans and look accordingly many real games or pursue them at least in the Liveticker. It also makes it possible to make coins in Ultimate Team.

If a player plays well, his card becomes more expensive: If a striker shoots his second goal or a goalkeeper takes one parade after another, it is worth buying the corresponding card on the FUT market. But you have to be quick, because the cheap tickets will be sold out quickly and the price driven up.

Gamblers hope for "Team of the Week" nomination: While a player receives a TDW card, his normal gold card increases in price as it is no longer to be put into sets. So, if you bought them for a low fare before, you can hope for a big win. When selling, there are two points in time that can bring you many coins.

Sell in hype: From the moment a player submits to a TOTW nomination, his prize goes up. Shortly before the announcement of the TOTW, is a good time to sell the card again. Because so you take in any case profit, even if the player does not come into the "Team of the Week".

Taking the Risk: If you are sure about the nomination, keep the card and sell it either shortly after 4pm or over the next week if the card is not in packs. Your risk is that you speculate, the player receives no Inform and the price falls shortly after 16 clock in the bottomless.

The same goes for other special cards. Of course, this variant also works in Champions League or Cup games and the corresponding special cards such as the "Man of the Match" cards.


Method 2 - Speculate on the right SBCs

With Squad Building Challenges, you can not only make money by completing it. Even trading works quite well, but also carries a lot of risk. As before applies again: To sell in hype - just before the appearance of the SBC - brings safe profit without much risk!

Certain SBCs are announcing themselves, including the "Player of the Month" SBCs, the top games or the Leagues SBCs.

That's how you invest. Some SBCs come every week, others every month. Therefore, it is good if you get a rough overview of the different dates. Depending on the SBC you can then invest differently:

Player of the Month

In the POTM SBC, which comes once a month, the community itself votes from a selection of players. Often there is a clear favorite in advance.

Now you have to have a lucky hand. For example, if Liverpool's favorite is Sadio Mane, good investments would be:

- A inform card from him

- His gold card

- High rated players from Liverpool or the Premier League

- Senegalese with a high rating, ideally even from the Premier League

Then sell these cards as soon as the SBC is live. Because the demand for it is then enormous, which drives the prices in the height.

Top games

Every Tuesday at 6 pm, this SBC consists of four games, each of which requires you to exchange a team. Often there are predictions on the Internet, where you can orient yourself when investing.

For the teams you mostly need players from the respective teams. With certain clubs, it is worthwhile to buy many tickets in advance, as they are gaining in value.

- Strong clubs with less favorable gold players: teams like FIFA 18 Juventus Turin have many gold players, but few at the "kick-off price" of 400 for frequent and 700 coins for rare cards. Since you can often only use gold players in the top games, these cheap gold players will rise sharply.

- Weak clubs with no gold players: Because many rewards packs consist of only gold players, there are far fewer copies of silver or bronze cards on the market. Normally no problem, but if you need them for the top games, the supply comes to an end quickly. Therefore, an investment is worthwhile here as well.


Special events are now an elementary part of FUT, there is rarely a longer time without a promo or event phase. Often then come SBCs in this time. Since it always needs a minimum overall rating as SBC rewards improve, this is another way to invest.

Invest in 83+ Players: In phases when no Special SBC is available, you should invest your coins in favorable players with a rating of 83 or 84. Last year, the cheapest items were unplayable cards like Bas Dost, Pedro or various goalkeepers.

Selling to Special SBCs: Now, when a Squad Building Challenge calls for a rating of 82 or higher and the reward looks reasonably tidy, your cards will gain in value as they each give away and supply drops and demand increases.

Once the SBC expires and prices drop, you can invest again and it starts all over again.


Have you learned and practiced these tips, nothing should go wrong on your way to becoming a FIFA Coin Millionaire! However, keep in mind that you never use all your money to trade and that trading is always risky.

Do not stiffen yourselves on the trade. FIFA is still a game and not a business simulation. What do you bring thousands of coins if you do not have a team with which you like to gamble?

Besides, these are not nearly all methods of getting coins. There are many other trading methods and you can also get fast coins via game modes like Division Rivals or FUT Champions.

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