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Fifa Ultimate Team 15 Orange Motm Cards - Son/Cahill/Bessat Are Available

1/24/2015 3:36:46 PM

recently, the asian cup is drawing to a close and ea has released three orange motm cards. now, we can get them through opening pack. do you like them? it is good time to buy cheap coins from fifaah to get them.


cahill is the famous super star who comes from the host country of asian cup, australia. he is a active veteran player in the football world. now, he is playing for the new york red bulls football clubs. the 35-year-old cahill has amazing performance in asian cup, during the 1/4 finals against the chinese, he scored twice which lead the australian move to the semifinals. such an amazing performance, i suppose the asian cup golden boot has been waving to him.

in the quarter-finals, south korea and uzbekistan is neck and neck, till the last extra time son broke out and scored twice to lead south korea to advance the semifinals.

in the french cup, bessat perform an amazing hat-trick to prove his ability and worth. the 29-year-old,who was born in lyon has scored the winner two minutes from the end of normal time to book the canaries’ place in the last 16.

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