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Fifa 18 Winter Transfer Release Date, Transfer Rules, Investment, Confirmed Transfers And All Information Of Fifa 18 January Transfer

FIFA 18 Winter Transfer - Release Date, Transfer Rules, Investment, Confirmed Transfers and All Information Of FIFA 18 January Transfer

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With the winter transfer window for the 2017/18 season has officially opened, Europe giants are busy on seeking out the good signings that can help turn their season around, then FIFA 18 Winter Transfer is ready to happen on FUT too. The players who change their club in the January transfer window will also change the club in FUT 18. FIFA 18 Winter Transfer release date, transfer rules, investment tips, confirmed transfers and all information about the January Transfer can be found here.

FIFA 18 Winter Transfers - Release Date, Transfer Rules, Investment, Confirmed Transfers and All Information Of FIFA 18 January Transfer

FIFA 18 Winter Transfer - January Transfer

The winter transfer window is still open until 31 January 2018. Until then, the clubs have time to reinforce staff for the second half season.

Hundreds of professionals have already changed clubs around the world in the winter of 2017/2018. To reflect these events on the FUT 18 real-world transfer market, the winter transfer season will soon begin in Ultimate Team mode. The players change not only in reality their club, but also in virtual football. EA Sports will gradually release winter transfer cards in FUT 18 during the course of January and early February.

FIFA 18 Winter Transfers Cards Are Good For Your Squad Planning

FIFA's Ultimate Team has two periods in which EA Sports updates the clubs and leagues on the player cards:

- As part of the summer transfers - when a new FIFA offshoot appears

- During the winter transfers - in January and early February

The winter transfers go on stage during a FUT season. The transferred players receive fresh cards: The winter transfer cards. The only difference between the new and old standard cards is that the club and possibly the league are updated. Everything else remains the same: the overall rating and the stats remain unchanged.

You will thus get more opportunities to create teams with high chemistry values. Maybe a player you've been wanting for a long time will change to the league you count on with your Ultimate Team.


FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Release Date

The winter transfer cards are not all published in FUT 18 at the same time. They gradually appear in "batches".

As the transfer window of many countries closes at the end of January, most transfer cards will be published in early February. Over the past few years, more than 1000 players have been transferred to FUT in winter.

Official release dates do not exist yet. However, we assume that the FIFA 18 winter transfers will start on January 11th. The largest load of FIFA 18 winter transfer cards is expected on February 1st.

We predict the release of the biggest FIFA 18 Winter transfers batches in the following dates:





As soon as the first cards arrive, we will update this article.


FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Rules & More Information You Should Know

- How Do I Get A Winter Transfer Player In FUT 18? 1. Once a player receives a Winter Transfer Card, it can be drawn in the packs. The "old" cards of this player are from this moment no longer available in the packs. 2. You can also purchase a winter transfer card from other gamblers on the transfer market. 3. Important: If you already have a card of a player who has changed clubs, this card remains unchanged. The cards in your possession will not be updated. An example: If you have a card from Sandro Wagner, his club Hoffenheim and his league remain the Bundesliga. However, after the transfer in FUT 18, all Wagner cards that you draw from the sets are provided with FC Bayern.

- How Long Are The FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Cards In FUT Packs? Until the end of FIFA 18.

- Are The FIFA 18 Winter Transfers Get Winter Upgrades? No. The ratings for winter transfers remain unchanged.

- What Happens To The In-Form Cards Of The Transferred Players? The previous IF cards remain unchanged. Future IF cards will come with the new club.

- What Happens To The Ones To Watch and Path To Glory Cards? These are unaffected by the winter transfers. However, as soon as an OTW/PTG player receives a TOTW card in the future, the OTW/PTG card will be updated with the new club.

- Is It Possible To Own Both Player Cards, Those With The Old Club And The New Club? Yes, but in a team only one of them can play.

- If You Do Not Find Some Winter Transfer Players In The Packs: The player may have transferred to a club that is not licensed in FIFA 18. If a player changes from a non-licensed club to a licensed club, he will also be missing.

- The Chance Of A Winter Transfer Player In Packs Remains The Same As The Chance of the player's card before.

- What Advantages Do The FIFA 18 Winter Transfers Offer Me? With the new player cards new combinations for your Ultimate Team are possible. The transfer developments are exciting for chemistry.

- Will FUT Transfer Market Will Be Effected By FIFA 18 Winter Transfer? Any Good FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Investment? Yes, but no market crash. When a player goes to less popular clubs, his new card's price gets a bit superior, but after some time his old cards to be considered the most valuable one while becoming rare enough. When a player goes to a popular club, the price of his new card will rise to even three times the original value, but after a few days it'll eventually get close to the old card's value.


FIFA 18 Winter Transfer Confirmed List

Some confirmed big signing in the Europe five major leagues so far as below, and you can check out more confirmed TOP WINTER TRANSFERS 17/18 from

Premier League

Shay Facey - Manchester City -> Northampton Town

Terence Kongolo - As Monaco -> Huddersfield Town

Adrien Silva - Sporting CP -> Leicester City

Ahmed Hegazi - Al Ahly -> West Bromwich Albion

Mikel Merino - Borussia Dortmund - Newcastle United

Viktor Gyokeres - If Brommapojkarna -> Brighton & Hove Albion

Virgil van Dijk - Southampton -> Liverpool

Tim Krul - Newcastle United -> Brighton & Hove Albion

Diego Costa - Chelsea -> Atletico Madrid 


Ulisses Garcia - Werder Bremen -> Nurnberg

Marko Pjaca - Juventus -> Schalke 04

Cedric Teuchert - Nurnberg -> Schalke 04

Georg Teigl - FC Augsburg -> TSV Eintracht Braunschweig

André Ramalho - Bayer Leverkusen -> FC Salzburg

Anthony Ujah - Liaoning Whowin -> Mainz

Fabian Frei - Mainz -> FC Basel

Jairo Samperio - Mainz -> Las Palmas

Lucas Höler - SV Sandhausen -> SC Freiburg

Mario Gomez - VFL Wolfsburg -> WFB Stuttgart

Marvin Compper - RB Leipzig -> Celtic

Mikel Merino - Borussia Dortmund -> Newcastle United

Sandro Wagner - TSG Hoffenheim -> Bayern Munich

Simon Terodde - WFB Stuttgart -> FC Cologne

Coke - Schalke 04 -> Levante

La Liga

Papakouli Diop - Espanyol -> Eibar

Fabián Orellana - Valencia -> Eibar

Rafael Mir Vicente - Valencia -> Wolverhampton Wanderers

Robert Ibáñez - Valencia -> Getafe

Alejandro Gálvez - Eibar -> LAS Palmas

Robert Ibáñez - Getafe -> Osasuna

Vitolo - Las Palmas -> Real Madrid

Diego Costa - Chelsea -> Atletico Madrid

Ignasi Miquel - Lugo -> Malaga

Jairo Samperio - Mainz -> Las Palmas

Coke - Schalke 04 -> Levante

Ligue 1

Yeni N'Gbakoto - Queens Pack Rangers -> Guingamp

Terence Kongolo - As Monaco -> Huddersfield Town

Serie A

Marko Pjaca - Juventus -> Schalke 04


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