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Fifa 18 Black Friday Release Date, Offers, Market Crash And Investment Guide

FIFA 18 Black Friday Release Date, Offers, Market Crash and Investment Guide

TAG: FIFA 18 Black Friday 11/7/2017 4:26:23 PM

FIFA 18 Black Friday as the annual shopping holiday, is approaching fast with special deals on FUT. FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream was just gone, many gamers could hardly wait to the next big promotion's coming, as it will bring great offers and investments. In this guide, we try to detail the FIFA 18 Black Friday release date, offers, and the market crash will be caused, in order to help you gain a better and clearer understanding as to how will the upcoming FUT event work!

FIFA 18 Black Friday Release Date, Offers, Market Crash and Investment Guide

FIFA 18 Black Friday

What is Black Friday promo in the game?

The day following Thanksgiving in the United States is known as Black Friday and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season - lower price for more sales. On FUT, to celebrate the season with the community, EA Sports release the FIFA 18 Black Friday event with special offers on the day.


FIFA 18 Black Friday Release Date

When will the FIFA 18 Black Friday drop in FUT?

As the Thanksgiving Day of 2017 is 23th, November, so FIFA 18 Black Friday will drop on 24th November, 2017.

How long will FIFA 18 Black Friday take?

FIFA 17 Black Friday started November 25th 2017 at 2pm UK and ran for 24 hours. This will be the same for the FIFA 18 Black Friday promotion on November 24th, 2017. Black Friday is technically one day, but EA may keep the offers coming over the weekend (three days) until Cyber Monday (November 27th). Black Friday will lead into the FIFA 18 Cyber Monday promotion, where more offers will become available.


FIFA 18 Black Friday Offers

What FIFA 18 Black Friday offers we can expect?

According to the offers we got during FIFA 17 Black Friday, below special offers are most likely to see:  

- Multiple hourly packs offers, lightning rounds (pack offers that come with a global limit) at hourly intervals for 24 hours. These offers usually expire pretty fast, so make sure you’re quick and keeping an eye on this page for live updates at the start of each hour! You can even expect 125k Ultimate Packs and 100k Jumbo Rare Players Packs!

- Flash squad building challenges with excellent win rewards released as lightning rounds, and SBC with guarentee items, last year, we got the special SBC with guarantee TOTW informs and major league players as rewards during FIFA 18 Black Friday.

- Play FIFA 18 for Free During the Black Friday Weekend, a free trial for FIFA 18 would be available during the Black Friday weekend on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the players who haven’t bought the game but want to try can play it freely.


FIFA 18 Black Friday Market Crash

FIFA 18 Black Friday is a big deal for the FUT community and will certainly have a noticeable affect on the FUT Transfer Market. With it, a FIFA 18 market crash is set to happen this month, which will cause some of the best players’ values to hit rock bottom.

When the market crash happen and the best time to buy?

With the new big promo will come to FUT, large numbers of the FUT gamers start flogging top-rated players, flooding the market. Demand remains the same, but as the supply increases players continuously try to undercut one another, resulting in stock value decreasing. On Black Friday EA usually releases something new every hour for 24 hours (from multiple “Happy hours” (deals on players) to “Lightning rounds” in the FUT store), then the price in transfer market will drop to the lowest. The first biggest market crash will happen on Black Friday, its residual effects will likely be felt for two or three days post crash, and another smaller crash on Cyber Monday (November 28), dubbed ‘the crash after the crash’, help maintain momentum and lower prices. After the Cyber Monday, prices will go up again but not to the levels they were a few weeks before.

The market crash is the best time of the year to snap up big players. The best time to buy is early in the day or during the week, weekends will see fierce competition for the better cards.

What to do in the FIFA 18 Black Friday Market Crash for more profit?

- Check the player prices constantly. Visit Futbin to keep an eye on player prices pre-crash and monitor how much they’re dropping by to pick your time to buy / sell. If the players prices are 20%-30% lower than normal, this will be a good indicator that the market is at a low and a crash has occurred.

- Sell and buy back for some easy coins. You can look at graphs on FUTBin for approximately the best time to sell and buy. Prices are going to start dropping fairly soon in anticipation.

- It’s the perfect time to pick up some cheap players through auction, so stock up where and when you can.

- High price golds will drop a ton and not really go back up ever again. Legends/Icons plummet too, but rebound hard in the subsequent months. OTWs are about as low as they're going to get, they've already gone down by 25 percent as a whole according to Futbin's price graphs within the last month alone. This is likely due to people panicking pre-emptively about black friday and selling their expensive cards. Sell high price golds, buy OTW/Icon cards when you think they've hit their lowest.


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