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Fut Strongest, Most Aggressive Ultimate Team With Tif Pogba And Orange Toure

3/3/2015 7:44:10 PM

in order to balance fifa 15, ea made varieties of chances. now we can not simply rely on high-speed teams to cause a great deal of trouble to our opponent. the shooting difficulty is added. it is hard to goal depending on top football players. so far, fifa15 environment became more and more a real game. even if we have outstanding players, we still have to various tactics and good control penetration to cause big threats to the opponent.

although ea adjusted the game, it is worth nothing that players’ stats are invariable. in intense football sport, players’ stats are undoubtedly significant. i recommend a useful team composed of several quite strong football players.


the average phy of the team is approximatively 90. moreover, attack workrate and defensive workrate of tevez, rooney, vidal, di maria and zabalete is high.

the biggest highlights in the team are tif pogba and orange toure. both of them are definitely top midfielders.pogba can not only runs on a large-scale ground for a long time but also have strong enough body against any opponents. movement, pass, long-shot and protecting the ball is awesome. needless to say, it is well-known that he has fierce intercept, perfect passing as well as large defensive area.


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