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New Fifa 17 Marquee Matchups Sbc April/21: Cheap Completed Mm Sbc Sl Benfica V Sporting Cp, Psv V Aja,Aston Villa V Birmingham,Real Madrid V Barcelona

TAG: FIFA 17 Marquee Matchups 4/21/2017 11:10:09 AM

new fifa 17 marquee matchups squad building challenges on april/21 is live now! this week you need complete mm sbcs sl benfica v sporting cp, psv v ajax,aston villa v birmingham,real madrid v barcelona win jumbo premium gold pack (24 players and consumables(20 gold + 4 silver), 7 rare, 15,000 coins) and fifa coins. these 4 mm sbcs offer amazing reward packs, though it is difficult to complete. glad to help you choose the most effective mm sbc to complete which need less fifa coins.

sl benfica v sporting cp

players from sl benfica: min 1

players from sporting cp: min 1

nationalities: min 5

rare players: min 2

squad rating: min 79

team chemistry: min 90

players in the squad: 11

rewards: jumbo premium gold pack

psv v ajax

players from eredivisie: exactly 11

same nation count: max 8

squad rating: min 76

team chemistry: min 95

players in the squad: 11

rewards: premium electrum players pack

aston villa v birmingham

players from aston villa + 

players from birmingham city: min 2

players from england: min 6

squad rating: min 70

team chemistry: min 85

players in the squad: 11

reward: premium silver players pack

real madrid v barcelona

players from real madrid: min 2

players from fc barcelona: min 2

players from laliga santander : exactly 11

rare players: min 5

squad rating: min 81

team chemistry: min 95

players in the squad: 11

if you have a great idea for this week’s fifa 17 marquee matchups sbc please share with us in our fifa 17 squad builder. hope this article would help you save more money in the game. not only share the useful fifa 17 news online, but also we are glad to offer cheap and safe fifa 17 coins online.the coupon code "fifaahfib" 5% discount for everyone here.

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