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Fifa 16 Black Friday Price Prediction 2015 - If Robeen/Motm Ibrahimovic/If Lewandowski Price Crash More Than 40% Before Fut 16 Black Friday

11/24/2015 5:13:13 PM

thanksgiving is on the corner, black friday promotional in approaching. although there is no official news about fifa 16 black friday, most of people are expecting ea will release crazy promotional packs. before the lots of happy hour packs offers come out, what will happen to fifa 16 black friday price? what would happen to fifa 16 transfer market over the next month? how can we earn profits on black friday?

before we make the informed prediction, we want to review the price change of team of the week 10 in-forms after fut 15’s fut united, sif robben, isco, shaqiri & danny welbeck. 

prices before / after fut united & black friday from fut 15

as of now the key dates we are looking at is the end of fut united (november 17th) and the start of black friday (november 25th during fut 15 – don’t panic as it falls on the 27th this year but the principle remains the same). well, the price of if robeen/motm ibrahimovic/if lewandowski we can notice that market crash come before black friday started.

sif robben market price:

if lewandowski market price:

motm ibrahimovic market price:

if you are struggling to make investment in black friday promotional packs, you may want to check the tips:

what will happen to the market due to black friday for fifa 16 ?

as black friday approach, the trend is prices begin to gradually fall again. the lower prices should be reached during the 100k happy hours packs. after the cyber monday, fifa 16 market prices will go up again but not to the levels between fut united and black friday.

when should we sell and buy the card back ?

after the above analysis the best time to sell your items is clearly november 25th / 26th / early 27th ,if you’re cutting it fine. although we still didn't know the totw 11, ea absolutely will release numbers of packs with special card enough to attract people open packs. the totw 9/10 fut 16 are not amazing and just look at the market crash! well the november 30th - december 1th is the good time to buy player card, when market price recovery before toty release.

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