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Fifa World Football's Top Ten "Wicked" - You Hate Who?

10/13/2015 5:49:28 PM

as world football phenomenon unlikely to disappear, fierce defense, provocation of conflict, with the field off the pitch, resulting in injury are wicked audit standards;so who is the world's top ten football "wicked"? you're the most hated who?

gattuso - the most innocent of the wicked

every game and never tired of running, scraping fierce, aggressive appearance.on the court, he always makes scraping opponents fear being violated;although the incident did not cause serious injury opponents, but against a player with his always afraid injured.fifa 16 in the top legendary midfielder, 500k coins able to get his card.

materazzi - most men fear the wicked

april 12, 2003, the milan derby shevchenko was materazzi flying tackle,may 13, shevchenko kicked crotch materazzi in the siege.this action allows shevchenko almost lost sex life.

stefan effenberg - the most ferocious of the wicked

bored at the hotel, using handguns to attack the street lamp.was benched midway games fans booed his dissatisfaction, resorted to a vertical middle finger in front of the fans.effenberg seems to be the kind of fearless, always be with the fans, the coach, the boss fight in the end.although it is a wicked, but in fifa 16, and is now the top frontal; personal ability is very outstanding need only 540k fifa 16 coins.

roy keane-attack the widest range of wicked people

regardless of the men and women in the field, no he did not dare fight. strong crackdown, the wide striking surface of almost unparalleled.manchester united legend captain, 640k coins in xbox fifa 16.

paul gascoigne- most mischievous of the wicked

game,when the referee accidentally fell to the ground after a yellow card,he walked straight face in front of the referee, the referee produced a yellow card,results himself got a yellow card, sent off accumulated two yellow cards.

edmundo - favorite stir up trouble "wicked"

september 13, 1998, in the first round of serie a, hit a slap in the face the other players, fined suspended two games.february 1999, the league legitimate intense, and the team's top scorer batistuta can not play because of injury,as a striker he had come home on leave at this time.

bowyer - most moral ruin of the wicked

typical scum, fighting, racial discrimination, rape doing everything.1970s chelsea players humbled harris said bowyer, "is certainly a pervert."

diego simeone - most women hate the wicked

1998 world cup, argentina vs england. simeone in the game beckham deliberately uprooting the ground;beckham did not want body lying on the ground in the right leg after simone's feet touched, simonyi very sudden pain fell to the ground,the diving beckham sent off, so simeone offended many women worldwide.

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