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FIFA 21 Insane 500K Pro FIFA Player Squad Builder - The Best 500K Team In FIFA 21

TAG: FIFA 21 Squad Builder 11/5/2020 4:08:44 PM

Ultimate team is a very important part of FIFA 21, and squads builder plays a great role in ultimate team mode, if you want to get the rewards, challenges need to be completed by building your own team according to the requirements. In addition, a good starter squad will make you unstoppable on the match pitch and get more wins at the beginning of the game. Here at brings you the best 500K coin squad team you can build on FIFA 21. 

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Best FIFA 21 Pro FIFA Player Ultimate Team - FUT Most Overpowered Meta Players

Formation: 4-4-2

Team Chemistry: 75

Team Rating: 82

Players List:

Name - Position - Club - Overall(Left To Right)

Eden Hazard - ST - Real Madrid - 88

Son Heung-min - ST - Spurs - 87

Ousmane Dembélé - LM - FC Barcelona - 83

Federico Valverde - CM - Real Madrid - 83

Moussa Sissoko - CM - Spurs - 79

Allan Saint-Maximin - RM - Newcastle Utd - 80

Renan Lodi - LB - Atlético Madrid - 81

Éder Militão - CB- Real Madrid - 80

Joe Gomez - CB - Liverpool - 82

Nélson Semedo - RB - FC Barcelona - 83

Nick Pope - GK - Burnley - 83

Players Review

Eden Hazard: His price is unbelievably low, a really good price for a player who has 88 in pacing, 92 in dribbling, 82 in shooting, and 83 passing.

Son Heung-min: One of the weekend league demon, an absolutely exceptional player for an affordable price.

Ousmane Dembélé: 5 stars in skill moves and weak foot, the best players for all teams.

Federico Valverde: When his card comes out in the early of this year, a lot of people were impressed by his performance, but also was totally underrated, he’s an absolute demon to the opponent team.

Moussa Sissoko: You should pick him as the first center midfielder of the squad, truly one of the best center midfielders in the game, absolutely the beast on the field

Allan Saint-Maximin: Another 5-star skill player, a really good choice for your team.

Renan Lodi: The one and only Renan Lodi, he has really good stamina for the Left Back position.

Éder Militão: Perhaps you still remember him from last year, he was very overpowered, and still continue to be this year. The best player to start the other side of the defense, you have to have him as your main man. 

Joe Gomez: Gomez is believed to be a tank of player, one of the best center backs in the game.

Nélson Semedo: One of the most meta players for this position that you can get on this entire game, never mind just fitting him in the 500k squad, he should be the main man in any team on this game. Semedo is honestly unbelievably amazing.

Nick Pope: Many people may underestimate nick pope, he’s 6 foot 7, a very overpowered keeper in the FUT champs. Even though he’s only got 79 dive, with the glove chemistry style, which they do actually work now, the chemistry style on goalkeepers, you have to get a glove on Pope, he will be a sensational keeper, and there is a reason you will need Pope in the team because he can link with the main man, who is known by the name of Gomez.

If you want to build your own characteristic ultimate team from a specified league, please head over to there are many solid and overpowered team has been built by other users and you can get the team information in detail. More FIFA 21 tutorials and cheap FIFA 21 coins are providing as well.

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