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FIFA 21 433(4) Formation Custom Tactics & Instructions - The Most Epic Attacking Formation In FIFA 21

10/27/2020 3:57:54 PM

Today, we are gonna be diving into the tactic and instructions for the FIFA 21 433(4) formation. 

First of all, 433(4) formation is a great formation attacking-wise, it looks like a fantastic formation, as you can see, you've got that three players up front, the two in midfield, the attacking midfielders, and the solid back four. So what's key about this formation is the two central midfielders. They are going to be the most significant players in this position. Because they are the ones that are going to dictate whether this formation is attacking or is it defensive. The instructions you set on these two central midfielders are going to dictate how this formation plays out because the rest of the formation is pretty simple to deal with. But those two pivot midfielders are going to dictate how this formation plays. 

Without further ado, let's go into the tactics!

FIFA 433(4) Formation Guide - The Best Custom Tactic And Instruction(All Positions)



        Defensive style: press after possession loss

        Width: 6

        Depth: 5


        Offensive style: long ball 

        Width: 6

        Players in box: 5

        Corners: 1

        Free kicks: 1


Now we went on to the press after possession loss. This is effective in pretty much any formation, it mainly depends on how you like to play, do you like to play on the front foot or do you like to play a little bit more defensive. We'd like to recommend to play on the front foot on the press on possession loss. It works extremely well in a 433 formation, you can get lots of bodies forward. Overall, it's just a great formation to press in, it’s very good at man-marking, and it's very strong at covering a lot of the narrow formations as well. Because it kind of limits that out ball that sometimes you can have in wider formations. 

However, if you do like it a little bit more defensive, or if you are somebody who can manually press very well yourself, then the balanced is a great option for you.

The last really important note is the long ball, the long ball is something that works with so many good formations, and especially it works well for the 433(4) formation, and if you got pace in the attacking positions, long ball is the way to go. 


Full back instructions

    Attacking runs: stay back while attacking 

    Interceptions: normal interceptions[default]

    Run type: overlap


Moving to instructions, as already mentioned before, when you play on a press how that can like really affect you, this is something that you should change on the fly depending on what my foot champs record is. For example, in any like four back formations, you can start with the four backs on balanced, because when you are playing fewer quality opponents, you don’t need as many players in the back, you can afford a few more players going forward. And players of lower quality can’t exploit the space that these guys will leave being on balanced as well as better players.

Central mid. instructions 

    Attacking support: balanced attack[default]

    Support on crosses: stay on edge of box for cross

    Interceptions: normal interceptions[default]

    Poistioning freedom: stick to poisition[default]

    Defensive position: cover center 


These two midfielders are important how you set these guys up. The way we recommend is that having one of them on stay back while attacking and then the other has been on balanced, and they both on stay on edge of box for cross and covering the center of the pitch. The reason why they don’t on balanced is that it makes it far too attacking. Since these guys are getting into great attacking positions and it just leaves it open for counter-attacks. When you go on stay back while attacking, especially if you got the full back on stay back while attacking. Not only does it become a little bit defensive but there is also a little bit of disconnect between the midfielders. Because you have the two full backs guys on staying back and then you have the four up top, there is just kind of that area in the pitch of about 20/25 yards where it's very difficult to link up from you midfielders to your attacking type players because there is such a big gap, and you told them to stay back while attacking so you can try having one on each, so then one guy is there to kind of cover the counter attacks or whatnot and then one guy can get forwards and help with the attack and help link up with the play.

But again it depends on how you are experiencing this formation for yourself, you can then make it more attacking and more defensive so it's very customizable, mainly depending on your experience going forwards.

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