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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta Football, Gameplay New Features & Improvements

7/28/2020 11:59:52 AM

With the FIFA 21 trailer and official post published by EA, finally we received the confirmed information about the next FIFA series, while getting know the upcoming new features! In FIFA 21, the FUT, Career Mode, Street Football and Gameplay will receive innovations. We tell you what new features and improvements you can expect to see in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Trailer

EA Sports has just released a new trailer for FIFA 21, while presenting some new features. We tell you on FIFAAH what's new in the next FIFA. The new FIFA 21 trailer lasts 2:20 minutes and shows many new gameplay scenes and indicates exciting innovations in the fresh FIFA part.  This shows the trailer: The trailer shows gameplay scenes in which Kylian Mbappé is the main focus. This is not surprising, after all, the Paris Saint-Germain superstar is the new cover star for FIFA 21. You can also see game and real scenes from FIFA ambassadors, Joao Felix, Erling Haaland and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

FIFA 21 New Features, Changes & Improvements

EA has announced the innovations featuring FUT 21, Career Mode and Volta Mode: In addition to the trailer, EA Sports has published a special page with the first innovations. These new features are particularly exciting:

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team New Features & Improvements

How FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode works: Obviously, who says FIFA says FIFA Ultimate Team mode, more commonly known as FUT. As every year for a decade now, the FUT mode will be back on FIFA 21. In FUT you can build your own team. This requires player cards that can be drawn in card packs. They can either be purchased with FIFA 21 coins that you get in game through games and other promotions, or with real money - via the so-called FIFA Points. What is in these packs remains hidden. If players will mainly talk about new cards and packs always so random, EA wanted to unveil some new features.

1. FUT Co-Op

This is new: In FIFA 21, it will be possible for the first time to play FUT games with friends outside of your own living room. It should be possible to play division rivals and squad battle games together. However, this does not seem to be possible with the Weekend League.

2. FUT Club Cross-Gen Transfer Markets

Your FUT club progresses from the current generation to the next generation of consoles within the same console family. So, you can take your FUT club from PS 4 to PS 5, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X - and back again - with cross-gen transfer markets and leaderboards. However, there is no cross-play between platforms.

3. More Special Cards

Finally, while not really a "novelty" in itself, the arrival of Eric Cantona as an Icon card could indicate further changes to these special cards. It must be said that EA has already transformed its system quite a bit with Icon cards via FIFA 20 (more SBC but a slightly less random system via objectives and swap), so we could see many more new cards and potentially more other novelties in the long term.

4. New and Expanded Ways to Customize

New and expanded options for adapting its own FUT club on the pitch and in the stands.

FIFA 21 Career Mode New Features & Improvements

How FIFA 21 career mode works: In career, players take on the role of a team manager who looks after the club. You control transfers, lineups, contracts, and of course the game itself. As EA Sports showed in the innovations, FIFA should give 21 players, even more, control over their careers. How is that supposed to happen?

1. FIFA 21 Career Mode Improves Match Simulation

This is the improved Sim feature: If you simulate 20 matches in FIFA, you can only hope for a good outcome of the game. On the official website (via EA) EA Sports now presents the “Interactive Game Simulation”. It will now be possible to get in and out of games. So if you notice that the opposing team is bringing your team to the brink of defeat, you can intervene.

Based on the graphics, the Sim looks similar to the game radar. It also provides information about values such as performance and endurance, which you can use to make changes. So you get more control over simulated matches than was previously the case.

2. Changes of Position Are Among The Innovations in Career Mode

That changes in the positions: The innovations in career mode also include a revised development system. Apparently, it will be possible to train players even more precisely: For example, you should be able to transform "right-wing defenders into right wingers" and be able to turn defensive midfielders into center-backs. So it seems like you can, for example, shape talents more precisely into the players you need for your team. At the same time there should be a new "active training system" in which you can divide your players into groups and develop them further.

3. More Realism in Your Career Mode

The FIFA 21 career mode still gets these innovations: In addition to the new simulation and the change of position, EA Sports announced further innovations. Overall, they sound like they make for more realism in their careers. For example, an optimized enemy AI should make more meaningful decisions on the spot. This applies to man coverage, duels and dribbling. Transfer realism is also to be improved. This could result in more realistic deals. So don't expect FC Augsburg to sign cover star Mbappé. There is now also the option of entering into loan transactions with a purchase option and optional or binding transfer sums. Here the career also approaches real football.

FIFA 21 Street Mode (VOLTA Football) New Features

The Volta mode should be the big thing in FIFA 20, but the street mode was not really convincing. Now there is the second attempt - will fans and Volta meet again in FIFA 21? There is at least one chance. 

1. VOLTA Co-Op

This is new: Many FIFA fans are sure that the VOLTA mode was missing in FIFA 20: It was a shame that there was no co-op mode. That's exactly what FIFA 21 is about to change.

2. VOLTA Squads

EA has announced with "VOLTA Squads" a new co-op mode in which You can team up with up to 3 friends to play together in a 5v5 teamplay. t is not clear why it is not possible to fill the whole team with real teammates like pro clubs. However, this co-op component alone is a big step forward. Volta teams sound like a kind of Volta Pro Clubs Light. The ability to compete in street matches with friends was exactly what fans wanted for the mode.

FIFA 21 New Gameplay Features & Changes

  • With the new dynamic attack systems, you can get even more chances than ever in the most intelligent FIFA gameplay ever.

  • With the new agile dribbling system you can pull past your guards. Lightning-fast footwork gives you greater control and reactivity in one-on-one situations. New special movements, such as outside dribbling or the ball roll spin, allow you to move irresistibly past the defender.

  • With the new positioning personality, the overview in the position game is even more important. World-class strikers pay attention to the last defender in their runs to avoid offside positions. Playmakers make room to take advantage of gaps between the team parts. And the best defenders cover pass routes even more effectively to make life difficult for the opponent.

  • Creative runs allow you to influence the movements of your teammates even more off the ball and ensure a groundbreaking attack game in FIFA 21. This gives you even more ways to overcome lines of defense.

  • Key scenes such as thrashing in the penalty area, possession duels in midfield or attacking duels are resolved even more smoothly in FIFA 21, resulting in even more natural interactions between players in the battle for the ball.

  • Based on the feedback from the community, we have revised the basics of football and brought FIFA gameplay to a new level across the board: manual headers, more balanced blocks, more intelligent passes and increased reactivity give you even more control on and off the ball.

  • Competitor mode recreates the styles of play from the world's best FIFA players and, on the "Legend" and "Ultimate" difficulty levels, creates opponents who can use special moves, dribbling types and tactics even more skillfully, thus ensuring even more demanding and rewarding opponents. "

EA Sports will announce more news and information of FIFA 21 later this August. We have summarized everything we know about the game so far for you in the FIFA 21 overview.

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