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FIFA 20 Best Long Shot Takers - Top 5 Players (ST) With Best Long Shots In FUT 20

4/14/2020 11:11:00 AM

The long-range shot in FIFA 20 is a means that can cause surprising goals. But the right players are needed. Here are Top 5 strikers that really have the best long shots.

What is the use of the long shot in FIFA 20? Long-range goals do not necessarily get churned in FIFA 20. But if you have the right position and enough time to aim, you can turn the oar in your direction with a well-timed long-range shot.

A really good long-range shooter can provide great-looking long-range goals even in difficult situations. Many icons have particularly good values in this area. But there are also extremely strong long-range shooters away from the icon cards. Here we show you seven of the best long-range shooters in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 20 Best Long Shot Players

Top 5 - Marc Bartra

That is what makes Bartra what it is: Marc Bartra has scored two goals this season, and he is not exactly known as an art shooter from Dortmund. No wonder, after all, he is usually on the defensive. But in the shapeshifters event, the central defender suddenly got a striker card. And that's not all.

Because the Bartra playing in Spain today has also been given a 99 in shooting power and long-range shots. A huge leap to his normal card. Unfortunately, it only existed as part of the shapeshifters duties. But if you got it: Just keep it up. And when he's on the opposing team - don't give him too much time to aim.

Top 4 - Josip Ilicic

This is what makes Ilicic special: Josip Ilicic's headliners card is a very strong option in Serie A. storm. The attacker is a very good target player and also has some long-range shots in his luggage: 97 long-range shots, 96 shot power. He also has an 88 on completion and a 92 free-kick accuracy. So it can also be used for standards.

The price of the card has risen to 97,000 FIFA 20 coins in the past two weeks, but it is possible that it will decrease again in the coming days. Here you should aim for a good deal if you want to sign Ilicic. The other Ilicic cards, such as TOTW or Champions League MOTM, also offer good long-range scores and are a slightly cheaper alternative.

Top 3 - Kevin de Bruyne

That is what de Bruyne is all about: Kevin de Bruyne has also received an incredibly strong TOTY card that can shine with the highest values for long-range shots. Of course, that also costs a lot. With around two and a half million coins you are there.

But de Bruyne also got a cheaper TOTW Moments card, which is also very good at a distance. Long-range shots 97, firing power 98 - the map can keep up with the long-range shooting potential. Price: A total of 840,000 coins. Now we want to look at a few cheaper options.

Top 2 - Cristiano Ronaldo

This is what makes Ronaldo what it is: Cristiano Ronaldo's TOTY card is almost the same as Messi's TOTY card. It is outstanding in pretty much all areas, but physical aspects are even more pronounced with Ronaldo. In addition to its 99 long-range shots, there is also 99 shot power. Ranged shots from Ronaldo can hardly be stopped.

However, Ronaldo is even more expensive than Messi. With over 8 million, Ronaldo's TOTY card is one of the most expensive cards in the game.

Top 1 - Lionel Messi

That's what Messi is all about: Lionel Messi has three special cards that have incredibly good long-range shots. The best is - unsurprisingly - his outstanding TOTY card. It has a shot value of 98, including a 99 for long-range shots and a shot power of 91. Overall, the card is absolutely fantastic, but with more than four and a half million fifa coins it is also unaffordable for most players.

Nevertheless: If Messi keeps a distance, there is a good chance that the ball will bend.

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