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FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Market Crash - Which Players To Buy & Sell In Halloween Event 2019

10/21/2019 2:53:35 PM

FIFA 20 FUT Halloween event is coming!

As we’re approaching the end of October, it’s time to start thinking about FIFA Ultimate Team’s annual Halloween promotion, Ultimate Scream. This special promotion will feature 23 Ultimate Scream cards, running from the 18th October to 31st October 2019. Which players have you invested? Here will bring you the FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream market crash guide, detailing you how to make FIFA 20 Coins, how the market is going to react, how to do best FIFA 20 Scream investment!

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Market Crash

Ultimate Scream is an annual celebration of all things scary in football. This Halloween Scream 2019 has created quite a lot of panic already which is important to make sure that you are prepared for when Ultimate Scream is released at 6PM on Friday which can either cause the market to go back up or to cause the market to go down, even more, creating a real market crash. Most players needed for FUT Champions Weekend League will still rise again but some players will stay down because they are no longer needed and people have upgraded their teams. 

Which Players To Buy & Sell In Halloween Event 2019

- The market is going to take a big rise on the Scream cards after squad battle rewards are done, there’ll be a bit of panic, they might get low, there might be another opportunity for you to invest. Buy inform cards such as Rodriguez, for 400K, we can sell them for 440K which would make us 18K coin profit after tax, it’ll be easy 18K coins of it sells. Aguero, we can pick up this card for about 1.4 million, it looks like we can have make some easy profit on this card, given the fact that this is about 75K coin tax. 

- I saw some Youtubers sold low rated cards such as Inaki Williams for 19K just a few days ago, he was going for 14K for those days. But 15K coins all the way down to 8K coins in just a couple of days, that is a big significant drop in a card. So this card will go back up in price and it’s a tough call. Williams is an absolute beast, but you got to consider the fact that he’s only 82 rated. How long can an 82 rated card hold its’ value. If you hold it any longer, you’re really running a risk of any promotion, making it go down really far in prices. So you can sell now. 

- Joe Gomez, since the beginning of FIFA 20, I think it’s quite good, I bought it back when it was like 6K, I think he picked at around 8K drop back down over time, maybe 5K, and then over the last couple weeks, he got down to about 1.8K and he kind of settled there, but ever since the Halloween promo was announced, he went from 1.8K dropped over half of his price down to almost pretty much a discard card at 900 coins, so this card went down to discard.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Trading Tips - When To Buy & Sell 

When you need to get in Sunday and get in on these investments for Scream cards, wait until after the Scream promotion is done, but don’t wait until 6PM on Monday, that’s when you’re starting to run a risk on these cards dropping. But between the hours of 8OM on Sunday until 10AM on Monday, that’s gonna be the window of selling, because squad battle rewards is when everybody’s waiting to pick up their cards and that’s when everybody thinks these cards are gonna be the cheapest. 

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