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Best FIFA 20 Packs To Buy & Open | FUT 20 Packs List, Prices, Contents & Useful FUT Pack Buying Tips

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Which are the best FIFA 20 Packs worth to buy and open? Here you can quickly find out! We will present the complete list of all FIFA 20 Packs containing each pack's price and content, also give you useful tips on buying and opening FUT 20 packs.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Packs

Still, opening FUT packs in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is one of the most exciting things, which can give you a chance to obtain players, club items, staff, consumables and other rare items.

How To Obtain FIFA 20 Packs? You can get FUT packs in the below ways in FIFA 20:

- Buy on the Web App Store with FUT Points or FIFA Coins

- Play FUT Online Games (FUT Draft, FUT Rivals, Seasons, Squad Battles, FUT Champions)

- Complete Objectives (Daily, Weekly, or Season)

- Exchange with XP on Seasons

- Complete SBCs

At the starting of the new FUT season, you should use your small FIFA 20 coins wisely and invest them purposefully in good players who will improve your team. So before buying packs, you should get know which are the most worthy packs for yourself, avoiding to wasting any fifa coins or points.  Which are the Best FUT 20 Packs? We show you here!


FIFA 20 Packs List - Prices & Contents

Including the new added FUT packs, there are over 100 packs available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team featuring Standard packs, promo packs, gift packs.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team still can be divided into 3 types:

- Standard packs: always available, you can buy and open them anytime

- Promo packs: only available at certain events in the store

- Free packs: available either as a gift or as a reward

FIFA 20 Standard Packs

The standard packs you can always buy:

Bronze Pack:

- 12 bronze cards, players and consumables, 1 rare item

- 400 coins

- 100% is a player with rating 45+, 87% a player with 60+ and 41% a player with 63+ included

Premium Bronze Pack:

- 12 bronze cards, players and consumables, 3 rare

- 750 coins

- 100% is a player with rating 45+, 92% a player with 60+ and 58% a player with 63+ included

Silver Pack:

- 12 silver cards, players and consumables, 1 rare

- 2500 coins

- at 100% is a player with rating 65+, 62% is a player with 70+ and 12% is a player with 73+ included

Premium Silver Pack:

- 12 silver cards, players and consumables, 3 rare

- 3750 coins

- 100% is a player with rating 65+, 72% is a player with 70+ and 24% is a player with 73+ included

Gold Pack:

- 12 gold items, players and consumables, 1 rare

- 5000 coins

- at 100% is a player with rating 75+, to 9.1% is a player with 82+ and to 3.6% is a player with 83+ included

Premium Gold Pack:

- 12 gold items, players and consumables, 3 rare

- 7500 coins

- 100% is a player with rating 75+, 20% is a player with 82+ and 4.8% is a player with 83+ included

The odds: the pack probabilities on certain rating players are dynamically generated and change over time, he given opportunities are based on 26.9.2018.

Information about Gold, Silver, Bronze:

- Bronze players have a maximum 64 rating,

- Silver players rank between 65 and 74 rating,

- Gold players have 75+ rating


FIFA 20 Promo Packs

These packs only available at certain events for buying in the store:

Note: The "yes" in the player category in the table means that player cards are included, look at the name of the pack to see if all the cards are player cards.

PackPrices PlayerCardsRare
Gold Contracts Pack800no40
Jumbo Bronze Pack800yes243
Bronze Player Pack 1 250yes121
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack1 500yes247
Premium Bronze Players Pack1 800yes123
Consumables Pack3 000no121
Jumbo Silver Pack4 000yes243
Gold 13 Pack5 000yes131
Silver Player Pack5 000yes121
Premium Silver Player Pack7 000yes123
Premium 13 Gold Pack7 500yes133
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack7 500yes247
League Premium Gold Pack10 000yes123
Jumbo Gold Pack10 000yes243
Gold Player Pack12 500yes121
Premium Electrum Player Pack12 500yes123
Silver Upgrade Pack15 000yes120
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15 000yes247
Rare Consumables Pack20 000no1212
Prime Electrum Player Pack20 000yes1212
Premium Gold Players Pack25 000yes123
Rare Gold Pack25 000yes1212
Gold Upgrade Pack30 000yes120
League Premium Players Pack30 000yes123
Rare Electrum Players Pack30 000yes1212
Mega Pack35 000yes3018
Prime Gold Players Pack45 000yes126
Jumbo Premium Gold Player Pack50 000yes247
Rare Players Pack50 000yes1212
League Prime Players Pack55 000yes126
Rare Mega Pack55 000yes3030
Prime Gold Forwards Pack55 000yes12
Prime Gold Midfielders Pack55 000yes126
Prime Gold Defenders Pack55 000yes126
Rare Gold Forwards Pack62 500yes1212
Rare Gold Midfielders Pack62 500yes1212
Rare Gold Defenders Pack62 500yes1212
Jumbo Rare Players Pack100 000yes2424
Ultimate Pack125 000yes3030

FIFA 20 Free Packs - Gift, Rewards

These are packs that you receive as a gift or as a reward for free:

Note: There are gift packs available as daily gifts in the FIFA 20 web app, as well as the reward packs in the FUT Champoins, FUT Rivals, Squad Battles, FUT Draft and more.

PackPlayerCardsRare Cards
Starter Packyes340
All Players Packyes121
Bronze Reward Packyes40
Silver Reward Packyes40
Gold Reward Packyes40
Bronze Contracts Packno40
Silver Contracts Packno40
Small Bronze Players Packyes61
Small Prime Bronze Player Packyes63
Small Mixed Players Packyes61
Small Silver Players Packyes61
Prime Bronze Players Packyes126
Small Electrum Players Packyes61
Small Rare Bronze Players Packyes66
Mixed Players Packyes121
Small Gold Players Packyes61
Rare Bronze Players Packyes1212
Premium Mixed Players Packyes123
Small Prime Silver Players Packyes6
Small Prime Mixed Players Packyes63
Small Prime Electrum Players Packyes63
Small Rare Mixed Players Packyes6
Small Rare Silver Players Packyes66
Prime Silver Players Packyes126
Small Prime Gold Players Packyes6
Rare Mixed Players Packyes1212
Small Rare Electrum Players Packyes66
Small Rare Gold Players packyes66
Jumbo Premium Goldyes267
Electrum Players Packyes121
Prime Mixed Players Packyes126
Loan Player Reward Packyes41
Premium Loan Player Packyes4
Ultimate Loan Player Pack
Loan Prime Icon Pack
81-86 Rated Rare Players Packyes11
Base Icon Player Packyes11
Mid Icon Player Packyes11
League Two 81+ Players Packyes22
UCL Common Player Packyes10
Two UCL Common Player Packyes2
UCL Rare Player Packyes11
81+ UCL Rare Player Packyes11
UCL Two Player Packyes21
UCL Three Player Packyes31
Two Players Packyes11
Two Rare Gold Players Packyes22
Two Rare Gold Players Plus Packyes22
Premium TOTW Packyes33
Premium TOTS Packyes22
Ultimate TOTW Packyes1111
Ultimate TOTS Pack yes66
Draft Token Packno51
Coins Pack-00
Premium Coins Pack-00

Best FIFA 20 Packs To Buy

How to find the best FIFA 20 packs:

- Buy the available packs that have the lowest price per rare card. Packs with guaranteed rare players are especially recommended;

- The expensive packs are the best: it's not surprising that you get the most for your money when you pick up a lot of coins and buy the most expensive packs. Keep in mind that you have no guarantee for top players. For these packs, only the "coins per rare gold player" value is best.

- Rare gold players for TOTW cards: if you want to be a team of the week player, you will need to buy packs that may include rare gold players. the chances of TOTW players are low.

- Are there really "best packs" in FUT 20? Most FUT players want rare gold players who have top scores and make big sums on the transfer market. For these users, the top pack recommendations are meant. If you want to build up a bronze team, bronze packs are recommended for you.

The Best FUT 20 packs you can buy with FIFA coins:

The following packs will potentially give you the most for your fifa 19 coins. The statistics are based on hundreds of pack-openings, calculating how many coins a rare gold player costs on average through each pack:

RangPackPrices (coins)Prices For Per Rare Gold Player
1Rare Players Pack50 0004 166
2Jumbo Rare Players Pack100 0004 166
3Ultimate Pack125 0004 166
4Rare Mega Pack55 0005 000
5Rare Electrum Players Pack30 0005 000
6Mega Pack35 0005 303
7Rare Gold Pack25 0006 250
8Prime Electrum Players Pack20 0006 666
9Jumbo Premium Gold Pack15 0006 849
10Prime Gold Players Pack45 0009 000
Premium 13 Gold Pack7 5009 036
12Premium Gold Players Pack25 00010 000
13League Prime Players Pack55 00011 000
14Premium Gold Pack7 50012 000
15League Premium Players Pack30 00012 000
16Gold Players Pack12 50015 060
17Gold 13 Pack5 00017 857
18Gold Pack5 00023 809


FIFA 20 Packs Buying & Opening Tips

- Many packs can be purchased with coins or FIFA points. FIFA points are a currency that can only be bought with real money.

- If you are ready to invest extra money in FUT 20, you should initially buy packs only with FIFA points. Because you need your FUT 20 coins to bid on players in the transfer market to upgrade your team.

- Only when you have a powerful team, you should try your luck by opening packs of coins. Because often opening packs is a loss.

- Draw packs where you can get the most for your FIFA coins. These are not yet available at the start of the FUT season.

That’s all of our FIFA 20 Packs Guide for you, hope to help you make great profit from opening the most worthy packs, here you can check out more FIFA 20 tips and guides to improve your game! Also if you are looking for a reliable place to buy cheap FIFA 20 Coins, use coupon “FIFA20” to save the most on FIFAAH.COM!

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