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FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Guide - ICON Swaps 1 Release Date and Players, FUT 20 ICON Version, Prices, SBCs & More

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In order to increase the accessibility and availability of ICONs in the upcoming game, FIFA 20 ICON Swaps will be introduced into Ultimate Team as a new promo to provide another way for players earning ICONs. There are more details regarding FIFA 20 ICONs versions, ICONs SBCs, selling price as well as when and how to get them included in this guide to explain the latest pitch notes from EA. 

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Guide - What is FUT 20 ICON Swaps

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps offers a new solution to obtain ICONs other than buying them with FIFA 20 Coins, similar to FUT Swap Deals, you can unlock different version ICON Swaps players with specific number of Player Tokens which can be earned by completing objectives. But there will be certain number of tokens released and can't exchange for all ICONs, you need to choose which ICON players you want most based on how many tokens you got. 

How to unlock FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Players?

1. Complete Player Token Objectives.

2. Receive Player Tokens.

3. Redeem for ICON Rewards available in a Swaps release.

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Rules

1. There will be 3 ICON Swaps released throughout the year.

2. Each ICON Swaps will contain at least 20 individual untradeable ICONs with a range of ICON versions. 

3. Player Tokens can also be redeemed for select Guaranteed ICON Packs during the event.

4. Each Individual ICON requires a certain number of Player Tokens to exchange. 

5. A unique set of Player Tokens corresponding to each ICON Swaps release and each Player Token can only be used in specific ICON Swaps duration and won't be available in next round. Player Tokens will be released throughout each ICON Swaps duration.

6. If an ICON has already been released in an ICON Swaps, it will not have any other versions released in the following ICON Swaps Release.

7. ICON Swaps objectives will reflect the rewards on offer.

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Guide - FUT 20 ICON Swaps 1 Release Date

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps 1 will be released on October 11, 2019 and last until December. You will have the chance to earn selected FIFA 20 Prime ICONs before they go into packs.

FIFA 20 ICON Swaps Guide - FUT 20 ICON Swaps 1 Players List

Here is the full list of 23 FIFA 20 ICON Swaps 1 players.

Drogba - ST - 89

Wright - ST - 89

Sanchez - ST - 89

Owen - ST - 91

Ballack - CM - 86

Gerrard - CM - 89

Hagi - CAM - 91

Ferdinand - CB - 85

Nesta - CB - 88

Zanetti - RB - 92

Roberto Carlos - LB - 86

Keane - CM - 90

Pirlo - CM - 88

Rui Costa - CAM - 90

Rivaldo - CAM - 87

Giggs - LM - 89

Kluivert - ST - 86

Crespo - ST - 85

Guarddiola - CDM - 85

Okocha - RM - 87

Emilio ButragueƱo - ST - 87

Schmeichel - GK - 86

Klose - ST - 89

FIFA 20 ICONs Versions 

There will be 4 unique versions for each of the 89 ICONs in FUT 20, including Base, Mid, Prime, and Moments. Each version of FIFA 20 ICONs will be available during certain periods throughout the year.

When and how you can get different versions of FUT 20 ICONs?

Selected Base, Mid, Prime and Moment versions ICONs will be obtainable in FUT Draft during the following individual period. 

- Base ICONs: available in packs from the start of EA & Origin Access Trial until around December 15, 2019.

- Mid ICONs: available in packs from the start of the EA & Origin Access Trial until around February 14, 2020

- Prime ICONs: available in packs from around December 15, 2019 until the end of FUT 20.

- ICON Moment: available in packs from February 2020 until the end of FUT 20. This is the highest-rated version of an ICON in FUT 20. All FIFA 20 ICON players will receive a Moment item and an ICON can have many moments, but their FUT 20 ICON Moment version won't be necessarily the same as FUT 19.


Some significant changes have made to adjust the accessibility of ICONs.

1. ICONs will not be used as requirements in FIFA 20 SBCs.

2. There will be no individual or Player Pick ICON SBCs released in FUT 20.

3. The minimum quick sell price of an ICON will be lowered from 102,000 FUT 20 Coins to 63,750 FUT 20 Coins.

4. Specific Guaranteed ICON Pack SBCs will continue to be released, you are able to earn the specified version of any ICON.

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