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FIFA 19 Premium Peter Crouch SBC - Cheapest Solution to Complete End of an Era Crouch SBC & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 7/18/2019 11:52:27 AM

The FUTTIES Voting is ongoing with Shot Stopper nominees, meanwhile, the new Premium Squad Building Challenge - FIFA 19 Premium Peter Crouch SBC has been released features 90 rated ST End of an Era Crouch. Here brings you the requirements and cost details of the 90 Crouch SBC with the possible cheapest solution to complete it. You can even cost 34K FIFA 19 Coins on your console to finish the only challenge.

Please note that the FIFA 19 Peter Crouch SBC is set to live in Ultimate Team until 6 PM UK, July 24.

FIFA 19 Premium SBC - FUT 19 End of an Era Peter Crouch SBC


Min. TOTW Players: 1

Min. England Players: 1

Min. Team Rating: 82

Min. Team Chemistry: 60

Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Formation/Lineup: 4-1-4-1


1 * Premium SBC Crouch card

Cheapest Solution/Way to Complete FIFA 19 Premium Peter Crouch SBC

Peter Crouch SBC cheap squad 1 - cheapest PS4 solution

Price based on July 18 with no loyalty: PS4 - 34K, Xbox One - 46K, PC - 51K.


Peter Crouch SBC cheap squad 2 - cheapest Xbox One solution

Price based on July 18 with no loyalty: PS4 - 36K, Xbox One - 44K, PC - 52K.



FIFA 19 Player Review - FUT 19 Premium SBC Crouch

Peter Crouch, a former English professional footballer who played for Premier League club Burnley as a striker, has received a 90 rated End of an Era card to celebrate his entertaining career through a Premium SBC. The total price of Crouch SBC cheapest solution need around 35-45K FUT 19 coins for PS4 and Xbox One players. How does the Premium SBC Peter Crouch?


81 pace, 92 shooting, 87 passing, 88 dribbling, 95 physical and 42 defending, great stats for an attacker, his pace is not the best for a striker but the 95 physical especially 99 strength and 99 aggression make he can push through defenders easily. 99 attacking position, 94 finishing, 94 shot power and more, his shooting stats do not need boost, there are some a little worrying points about him is the 47 jumping, 62 agility and 37 balance, but that's not what you need necessarily from a striker and he also has incredible 99 reactions, 99 ball control and 99 composure as well as 99 heading accuracy and 6'7" height, he wins almost every header, he even can beat the GK, this is really a fun card. You can put an Engine chemistry style to upgrade his agility, balance, pace and some other attributes. Overall, this is a definitely cheap and worthy SBC, he is a complete beast on the field, get the card and enjoy your game! 

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