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Fifa 19 Pots Mena Sbc - Cheapest Way To Complete Liga Bancomer Mx Pots Angel Mena Sbc & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 5/6/2019 12:19:06 PM

ea has just released the fifa 19 pots mena squad building challenge in ultimate team featuring 87 rated liga bancomer mx player of the season ángel mena, here brings you the cheapest way to complete fifa 19 pots mena sbc and player review, to win fut 19 liga bancomer mx pots mena with least fifa 19 coins.

please note that this fifa 19 angel mena sbc is set to expire on may 12, 2019.

fifa 19 liga bancomer mx player of the season angel mena sbc

fifa 19 pots mena sbc - liga bancomer mx pots


totw players: min. 1

team rating: min. 83

team chemistry: min. 80

number of players in the squad: 11


1 * 87 liga bancomer mx pots mena card

cheapest solution/squad to complete fifa 19 liga bancomer mx angel mena sbc

87 mena sbc price based on may 6: ps4 - 34k, xbox one - 36k, pc - 40k.


fifa 19 player review - 87 rated fut 19 liga bancomer mx pots mena review

ángel mena, an ecuadorian professional footballer who currently plays for liga bancomer mx club león as a winger, got the player of the season award and 87 rated fut 19 sbc pots card, which with the highest score of all his items, he ever got three totw cards. this pots card has boosted 15 ratings based on his regular item, it's a big upgrade.

fifa 19 liga bancomer mx pots mena has some really good aspects, the first one is his amazing stats, 93 pace, 90 shooting, 88 passing and 90 dribbling. he is extremely fast and has well-rounded shooting attributes. passing and dribbling are both excellent, especially 99 agility, 99 balance and more. 99 stamina is also a big advantage. you can play him as a winger or an attacking midfielder, the 4-2-3-1 lineup is recommended. another pro is his link, he can get a good link with antonio valencia, if you have got icons from the baby icon sbc, in the 4-5-1 formation, you can put mena at right and make valencia as the right back, and then use an icon as cam. one weakness of this card is his 5'6" height, which makes him not perform well as tall players, in addition, as a winger, the three-star skill moves is a little bit of a problem as well. 

you only need to submit an 83 rated squad with one inform, so the cheapest way to complete fifa 19 pots mena sbc only need 34k on ps4, it's a really decent card and cheap for an 87 rated player, overall, it's worthwhile to get the pots ángel mena.

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