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Fut Totw30 Predictions Tif-Ronaldo/Sif-Matuidi/Sif-Rodriguez/Sif-Jagielka Properties

4/7/2015 6:11:40 PM

in this week, there is a big event in fifa arena. cristiano ronaldo played the first single-game five goals in his career, and he expand that number of goals for real madrid about 300. therefore, his amazing performance makes him absolutely would be in the totw30. in the last time, ea has released special red/blue messi card when he has gorgeous performance, what kind of special card would be for c.ronaldo at this time?

besides the tif-ronaldo, the sif-matuidi/sif-rodrigues/sif-jagielka would be on the list again, which are worth-trust player card. what’s more, the another popular player card would be appeared in this totw, it is if-hulk.

hulk is not his real name, but this guy’s body and performance are really hulk. in the fifa 15, everybody loves his strong body who can be the excellent offensive player. the 90+ long shots and shot power makes burst shooting as his unique skill. while, he is not only has strong body, but also he has inherited the brazilian footwork. there is no doubt that if-hulk would be the most popular player card in this totw.


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