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Fifa 19 Kruse Potm Sbc - 87 Max Kruse Sbc Cheapest Solution & Review For Bundesliga Player Of The Month March

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 4/20/2019 12:04:06 PM

ea has just released the bundesliga player of the month march, max kruse, who is available now in fifa 19 ultimate team squad building challenge. to complete the max kruse sbc from april 19 to may 3, 2019, you can earn an 87 rated potm kruse and 2 fut packs. check out the fifa 19 kruse potm sbc cheapest solution with squads price, challenge requirements, rewards, and player review.

fifa 19 bundesliga player of the month march max kruse 87 cf sbc

kruse potm sbc - werder bremen


werder bremen players: min. 1

players from different clubs: min. 4

team rating: min. 83

team chemistry: min. 85

number of players in the squad: 11


1 * rare electrum players pack

potm kruse sbc - bundesliga


germany 1. bundesliga players: min. 2

players from the same club: max 4

team rating: min. 83

team chemistry: min. 80

number of players in the squad: 11


1 * gold players premium pack


cheapest solution/squads to complete fifa 19 kruse potm sbc

fifa 19 max kruse sbc solution (87) - werder bremen

price based on april 20: ps4 - 22k, xbox one - 26k, pc - 28k.


fifa 19 max kruse sbc solution (87) - bundesliga

price based on april 20: ps4 - 20k, xbox one - 25k.


fifa 19 player review - fut 19 bundesliga march potm max kruse review

max kruse, the german professional footballer who plays for bundesliga club werder bremen as a forward, got the player of the month for march with 6 goals and 3 assists, and his 87 rated fut card. in fact, the team of the tournament knockout stage squad and sbc players have been revealed, and the tots event is also around the corner, make the card isn't that desirable. while it's very cheap compared to other potm sbcs, you just need to submit two 83 rated squads, so the total price of the cheapest fifa 19 kruse potm sbc solution is around 40k-50k fifa 19 coins, which is quite affordable. then how does the potm kruse perform in the game?


from the attribute details of fifa 19 potm sbc kruse, 90 shooting, 88 passing, and 89 dribbling are his main advantages, especially the 92 position, 92 finishing, and 96 penalties, he is really a reliable striker even though his pace is average, the bundesliga league matches in march also proved his scoring ability. aside from forward and striker, you can also play him as a cam as, an engine chemistry style is recommended to boost his pace, passing and dribbling. you do have to kind of rely on his dripping a little bit more to be able to get into dangerous positions, the improved dribbling can achieve 96 rating, which is absolutely fantastic. the pace and physical of potm kruse are not very decent, but you can't expect him to be excellent in every single area, considering the potm kruse sbc price in fifa 19, this is a worthy card to pick. what's more, you can win extra packs value for 55k coins.

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