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Fifa 19 Winter Refresh Investment Guide - Who And When To Sell & Buy In Fut 19 Winter Upgrades

TAG: FIFA 19 EVENTS News 2/14/2019 11:43:48 AM

this friday will be a hectic day for fifa 19 gamers as there may be several promos and events come down on that day, winter upgrades, ones to watch, prime icon moments as well as the bundesliga potm january announcement. with so many offers, who and when we should sell and buy to earn fut 19 coins? next, will introduce the fifa 19 winter refresh investment tips with the examples in ultimate team.


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fifa 19 winter rating refresh investment tips - who and when to sell & buy?

ea has released the official twitter featuring 87 rw sterling, 88 rw mbappe, 88 cam reus as winter upgrades and 79 lm davies, 83 st balotelli, 83 st morata as ones to watch winter edition, how does the market perform before the complete event coming?

let's start with the 87 cb totw van dijk, 87 overall rating and won't stop going up, price of this card is 565k fifa coins on xbox one now, which has risen a lot in the last few days, a certain level of hype and upgrade rise is expected, but when certain cards get out of control never in the history have ever seen a card that gets upgraded actually go up in value after a period of upgrade.

paul pogba wins the fifa 19 team of the week 22 and going to change his headliner card, probably go up in a short time and drop, the market on the winter upgrades has gone out of control, people may bought a lot of players in club that are potentially getting upgrades and going to sell them before friday with coins profits, for example, theoretically the koulibaly, sommer, and fernandinho are supposed to get the winter upgrades, a lot of these cards that don't have hype could climb up a little bit but then some do have hype, from the price trends, we can see 87 cb van dijk and 84 cam witsel got a lot of hype, there are lots of cards starting to climb up in value and you can consider looking into flipping some of those. the similar situation as van dijk is sterling, who has got an 87 rated winter refresh card, the price is increased a lot, you should probably sell it with a profitable price. 

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take a look at ziyech, how that would correlate to his ratings? he is an ace going through an 84 rated overall card sells at 40k and that would go to an 86 or 88, his 87 rated headliner card is 36k right now. how about the cheapest fifa 19 players, the cheapest 88 rated price is about 33k and the cheapest 89 rated player is around 45.5k. the 88 rated sommer is 42k on the transfer market, sommer got that are the kind of upgrades that over time, that's everything like that is going down on friday, you should probably take and make sure sell the cards in the hype, don't get carried away.

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