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Fifa 19 Toty/Potm/Totw Investment Guide - How To Make Fifa 19 Coins Fast In Fifa 19 Market Crash

TAG: FIFA 19 TOTW News 1/3/2019 6:14:59 PM

fifa 19 toty nominees have been announced and toty vote is available now, the last team of the year winner will be released on january 7, with the fifa 19 market crash in the next few days, not only toty, there are many ways to make fifa 19 coins from this week, including potm and totw investment. will bring the investment guide on fifa 19 market crash for fifa 19 toty, pl potm december and totw 16.

fifa 19 premier league potm december investment guide

- you can choose some nif inexpensive 85 rated, 86 rated players who are from good nations, good leagues and good clubs to invest, such as 85 rated alisson, brazil goalkeeper, who is one of the cheapest 85 rated players, about 9k fut coins on ps4 and xbox one, he also played for liverpool, good nation, good club, and good price.

- on the other hand, mohamed salah as one of the hottest candidates of premier league december potm with the 6 goals and 4 assists matches record, there is likely to need some liverpool players for the sbcs, so alisson is a good choice to make fifa 19 potm december investment, his price is about 9k on market now, you'd better buy him less than the price and sell him at an appropriate time with a higher price.

fifa 19 totw 16 investing tips

- 78 lb digne, he has earned the fifa 19 totw 16 award with a good performance of 2 goals and the man of the match in a 5-1 win over burnley, upgraded to 82 overall rating in the lwb position.

- he also has a good league: premier league, good position: left back, and a good nation: france, which makes him will be useful in squad building challenges. if you have digne's regular fut card, you'd better sell it before january 9 when he returns to packs.

fifa 19 toty market crash investment guide

- how should we do before the fifa 19 toty released on next monday, january 7? it is recommended to sell your teams this weekend friday or saturday, before the first batch of toty players release. according to previous experience, ea would release forwards firstly, then follow up with midfielders and defenders, even though there is not a big market crash with massive value loss, it will also be worthy to sell your squad, especially for player cards in packs.

- please also notice if there are totw or toty sbc during the toty release period, sbcs can be used as a tool to balance the market, prepare to list the players who you want to buy or sell, adjust your investment plan according to the price fluctuations caused by demand and supply changes.

- preparing for the sbcs, you can keep or buy some high rated gold players and few if cards during the toty crash.

- toty market crash is also a good chance to pick up some high priced players, if you are the fan of messi, neymar, ronaldo or other top players, you can buy them in a lowest's difficult to judge when is the best time, so set a target price for yourself, when it is acceptable, take it without hesitation.


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