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Fifa 19 Totgs Toni Kroos Sbc - Ucl Team Of The Group Stage Toni Kroos Sbc Cheapest Way & Player Review

TAG: FIFA 19 SBC News 12/10/2018 12:15:57 PM

toni kroos, who is one of the winners of fifa 19 uefa champions league team of the group stage, get 91 high rated overall rating and the squad building challenge to earn this card are available. next, will bring you the cheapest way (minimum fifa 19 coins) to complete the fifa 19 totgs toni kroos sbc and player review of kroos.


fifa 19 ucl 91 rated toni kroos totgs squad building challenge (sbc)

germany challenge


min. germany players: 2
min. champions league rare players: 1
min. team rating: 83
min. team chemistry: 75
number of players in the squad: 11


1 rare gold pack


85-rated squad challenge


min. team rating: 85
min. team chemistry: 80
number of players in the squad: 11


prime gold players pack


cheapest way to complete fifa 19 totgs toni kroos sbc

cheapest fifa 19 squad builder under 25k for toni kroos totgs sbc germany challenge

formation/lineup: 4-2-3-1(2)

team rating: 83

team chemistry: 75

uefa champions league rare player: baumann

price (fifa 19 coins) based on dec. 10 for different platforms:
ps4 - 18.3k, xbox one - 20.7k, pc - 22.9k



fifa 19 cheap squad builder 100k for totgs toni kroos sbc 85 rated squad challenge

formation/lineup: 4-3-3(2)

team rating: 85

team chemistry: 80

price (fifa 19 coins) based on dec. 10 for different platforms:
ps4 - 86k, xbox one - 91k, pc - 106k



player review: fifa 19 91 rated ucl team of the group stage toni kroos review

toni kroos, fifa 19 ucl team of the group stage player, does the sbc worth to do? let's see his game stats.


firstly, he's got 91 rated, pretty nice overall in sbc, five-star weak foot as well as freestyle skills, excellent passing (90), 93 short pass and 94 long pass are both standout, 84 shooting with 89 shot power and 94 long shots, 90 reactions, 91 ball control, as a center midfielder, he has very decent technique on the ball, but 70 pace and 70 physical are not ideal, you can use the shadow chemistry style to boost his stats, then the pace and defending stats can be improved as the following figure shows.




overall, the advantages of this card mainly are passing, shooting, ball control and dictate tempo, while the shortcomings are pace, agility and defending. although he's not the strongest player and some stats of this card may be a little lower for 91 rated card, toni kroos is worth for the coins, his shot power and long shots are actually pretty decent with the finesse on his left foot very good, if you can try and take advantage of those, he can score pretty decent goal, his creative abilities and the way he dictates the tempo control to team. personally, i would recommend do this sbc, he's a really good player to go for at a decent price only about 100k-110k fut coins on ps4 and xbox one.


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