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Fut African Cup Orange Card-Goalkeeper Barry Copa

2/11/2015 6:01:12 PM

in the just concluded african cup game, a goalkeeper became a hero. he is barry copa. although he, with the height of 181cm, is not very tall goalkeeper and don’t cause great threat to strike, he has a unique style of african goalkeeper and fast reaction. in a good state, he is very brave and explosive, to make him become the hero in the critical moment of penalties. in 2015 african cup of nations finals- coate d'ivoire vs ghana,  after 120-minute fighting, the match was into the penalty. the goalkeeper barry copa of coate d'ivoire was extremely brave: he first saved two penalties and then gain goal in personally penalty. finally, his team won the game.

in the long penalty shootout, every player in the two teams on the field kicked a penalty; the two teams score is equal, 8 to 8. entering the 11 round, copa denied flying the ghana goalkeeper's penalty. then, barry flew to intercept ghana’s penalty. then barry scored the decisive goal, to be the hero of coate d'ivoire.


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