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FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups Predictions - Investments For MM SBC Of Week 8 (7th November)

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A new week is here, and new FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups will be refreshed. Which big games will be involved into next week's Marquee Matchups SBC? As this is internationals week, a lot of the upcoming African World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup Playoffs, league matches and plenty of friendlies, this week could be tough to prepare and predict. So here FIFAAH.COM sum up some possible pre investments you can do for the Marquee Matchups SBC of week 8, 7th November.  

FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups Predictions - Investments For MM SBC Of Week 8 (7th November)

FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups Week 8 Predictions - 7th November MM SBC 

African World Cup Qualifiers

Ivory Coast vs Morocco - Big Qualifying Game, if Morocco win first World Cup since 1998

Ghana vs Egypt - Big Game in Africa, Egypt qualified

Congo DR v Guinea - Qualifying Game

Senegal vs South Africa - Re-run of game last year, SA won 2-1 but game was wiped by court of arbitration for sport

Nigeria vs Algeria - Qualifying Game


World Cup Playoffs (Inter Confederation WC Playoffs & European WC Playoffs)

Honduras v Australia - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup

New Zealand v Peru - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup

Denmark v Republic of Ireland - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup

Sweden v Italy - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup both teams are regularly in World Cup, Italy last won in 2006

Northern Ireland v Switzerland - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup, NI first WC since 1986

Croatia v Greece - 2 Leg Battle to qualify for World Cup



England vs Germany - Friendly between two big rivals, most famous ecounters in 1966, 2001 and 2010

England vs Brazil - Friendly encounter between two big rivals, most famous ecounters in 1970 and 2002

Germany vs France - Big European Rivals

Scotland vs Holland - Big European Rivals most famous encounter in 1978


League Matches

Shrewsbury vs Charlton - Top 4 Clash in League 1

Gijon vs Vallodolid - Top Half of Table Clash in Segunda Division


FIFA 18 Marquee Matchups Investments Tips

- A lower tier game is unlikely to require 4 players from the clubs, whereas the bigger matches could. Centre backs and Midfielders are always needed and hence a much safer option, goalkeepers and strikers can often flood the market.

- Pick up rare gold for less coins can ticks more boxes instantly, and this can give you a significant advantage over other investors. Definitely, buying golds for 400 coins is no risk, you can sell for 450 buy now any time. Same logic for picking up silver players, 80 rated player for discard is always better than a 70 rated player for 200 fifa 18 coins on investment!

- As the event gets closer and people start preparing, supply dries up and hence prices rise, hype kicks in. This is where we can make money without the SBC even being released.

- For Ghana Egypt, focus on BPL players as there are multiple from both countries in the league, will make it easier to make a team in the SBC.

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