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Player Contracts (1 Mins Delivery)
to ensure fast delivery of fifa coins by using contract card trading,please list 30 contract cards in transfer market and set the starting& buy now price according to our requirement. meanwhile, make sure you provide the 100% correct ultimate team name.
for example:
starting price: 3,500
buy now price: 4,500
an allocation to the starting price under 500 is not possible.
(for 150,000 coins, for example, you need to list 30 contracts of one type in the auction house.)
here you can freely choose any type of the contract, gold, bronze or silver.
however, please do not mix the value of the contracts.
they all need to have a unique starting price; otherwise an allocation is not possible.
Amount Price Contracts Num  
Xbox 360 4.5K*30 Player Contracts 135K 10.05 USD 30
Xbox 360 4.5K*60 Player Contracts 270K 16.76 USD 60
Xbox 360 4.5K*80 Player Contracts 360K 22.35 USD 80
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